Predicting the order of customers who come to Tenka Ippin… A surprising reason for the increase of “gambling projects” in variety shows. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Predicting the order of customers who come to Tenka Ippin… A surprising reason for the increase of “gambling projects” in variety shows.

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The “Wednesday Downtown” (TBS) project “Gambling on whether customers at Tenka Ippin order ‘kottari’ or ‘sasari’ (light)” (a.k.a. “Tenka Ippin gambling,” broadcast on November 29, 2011) is a hot topic among TV people. (aired on November 29, 2011) is a hot topic.

As the title suggests, the program featured “scum comedians” such as Hiroshi Yamazoe (38) of Aiseki-Start, who is known for his love of gambling, predicting what customers would order when they came to Tenka Ippin. The show was well received by the audience, as it was like a real gambling game, with the most popular items on the menu followed by unexpected orders.

(A TV magazine editor) “Zenryoku! Derekiryoku Times” broadcasts an original gambling project in which MC Teppei Arita (52) acts as a dealer and the comedians challenge him to choose between two options by betting on their personal belongings.

Gambling projects and performances are increasing not only on Mizudau but also on other programs.

The “Zenryoku! Derekiryoku Times” (Fuji Television Network) aired an original two-choice gambling plan. The government’s approval of Osaka’s IR (Integrated Resort) plan and the popularity of celebrities who like to gamble may be providing a tailwind.

An advertising agency official pointed out that “TV stations’ dire financial situation is also having an impact.

The ban on pachinko and pachislot machine commercials was lifted in April 2009 after the COVID-19 crisis caused companies to turn away from TV commercials. The COVID-19 crisis was also a major factor in the increase in home time.

The large increase in sales of public games that allowed online voting led to a large volume of TV commercials, making them a major sponsor for TV stations. Gambling projects are now being actively adopted, especially for programs with gambling sponsors.”

The aforementioned broadcaster hopes that “the increase in gambling programs may help to stop young people from turning away from TV.

Talk shows that line up guests on a dais, such as “Ametalk! (TV Asahi), which line up guests on a dais and take questionnaires in advance, it is easy to read how the conversation will unfold. (TV Asahi), which line up guests on a stage in front of a panel of guests and take questionnaires in advance. For young people who are accustomed to watching short videos, the ending is somewhat predictable and uninspired.

Gambling projects are popular on YouTube as well. It seems that not a few young people are getting into gambling because of the videos.

However, in the Heisei Era, gambling was still a popular pastime in programs such as “Tunnels no Nama de Dara Dara Ikaesu! (NTV), a project in which pachinko and public gambling competitions were allowed in the program, but now “there are various restrictions,” according to the ad agency official mentioned above.

During the heyday of the highly gambling-oriented “Pachislot machine No. 4,” which gained popularity in the ’00s, there was a string of accidents in which children were left in the car to die due to over-enthusiasm, leading to restrictions on the settings of Pachislot machines and commercials.

It is still not allowed to broadcast direct gambling programs that stimulate viewers’ gambling spirit in the golden time slot (7-10 p.m.). The increase in the number of original gambling programs, such as “Tenka Ippon Gambling,” is probably a desperate measure on the part of programs wishing to create a thrilling experience amidst the restrictions. Since this project was well received, ″original gambling″ projects should increase in the future.

The number of variety shows continues to decline due to the popularity of TV dramas. Will this gamble prove to be a good one?

From the January 5 and 12 , 2024 issues of FRIDAY

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