Seiya of Shimofuri Myojo & Nagisa of Amako Inter, Drunken shot at midnight. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Seiya of Shimofuri Myojo & Nagisa of Amako Inter, Drunken shot at midnight.

After meeting up at a nearby convenience store, they went to a Japanese-style tavern together for two hours of casual drinking.

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At midnight, the two walk out of the store. Immediately afterwards, Nagisa picked up a cab along the street, and Seiya bowed profoundly and saw her off.

Around 10 p.m. in early November, I saw Seiya (29) of “Marboshi Myojo” walk into a convenience store in Tokyo. She was wearing a black sweatshirt and jeans with sandals on her feet. She has taken off her contacts and is wearing glasses, which suggests she is in a relaxed mode.

Seiya is taking a leisurely stroll. Beside her was a woman with dyed red hair. …… She is Nagisa (37) of the female comedy duo “Amako Inter”. They must have been waiting for each other along the street. They were walking side by side in the familiar atmosphere of a mature couple. Nagisa, for her part, was wearing a jersey set-up and flip-flops, completely off-duty. They headed straight for a nearby izakaya.

They spent two hours chatting happily in the bar. Around the time the date changed, they came out of the bar looking a little drunk. I wondered if they were going to Seiya’s apartment ……. The reporter’s hopes were dashed, however, when Nagisa picked up a cab a short walk away and got in.

The two had been friends since their days in Osaka. Nagisa is three terms Seiya’s senior at Yoshimoto. Nagisa was three terms Seiya’s senior at Yoshimoto, and had been taking care of him since before “Shimotsuki Myojo” was a big hit.

When Seiya came to Tokyo for work in ’17, Nagisa let him stay at her house. When Nagisa talked about it on the show, the Internet news reported that she had revealed the name of the male comedian who had stayed in her room, but Nagisa brushed it off, saying, ‘Don’t make the news, it’s boring. They are really close.” (Entertainment reporter, national newspaper)

Shimotsuki Myojo” is an extremely popular duo, the first of the “seventh generation,” and they are very busy with 12 regular TV programs and 2 regular radio programs. In 2008, Seiya’s convincing performance in the drama “Ship of Theseus” (TBS) became the talk of the town.

Meanwhile, Nagisa of “Amako Inter” made her first appearance in a movie and played the lead role for the first time in “Tama no Eizo Shishu Nagisa no Baisekou,” which was released on the 12th of this month. At the stage greeting, she said, “I’ve done it. I’m looking forward to the beer afterwards”. I wonder if Nagisa called Seiya up again that day and talked about the difficulties of acting with her favorite beer in hand.

These two seniors and juniors, who spent their unsuccessful careers together, continue to be friends even now that they have both entered and succeeded in Tokyo. We look forward to seeing more of them in comedy and acting.

Unpublished cut of Seiya and Nagisa’s Midnight Hebereke
Unpublished cut from the magazine: Seiya and Nagisa in a two-shot midnight stupor

From the December 3, 2021 issue of FRIDAY

  • Photo by Junsei Todoroki

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