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Matsumoto Hitoshi’s Sexual Assault Allegations Reported Overseas One After Another

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Reports of Downtown’s Hitoshi Matsumoto’s issues with women are being reported overseas.

The genius of comedy is being driven into a corner by reports of allegations of sexual assault.

On December 26, the Weekly Bunshun reported on “Downtown’s” Hitoshi Matsumoto’s sexual assault problem. The allegation was made eight years ago, but the woman had the courage to make the accusation.


Kazutaka Ozawa of the comedy duo Speedwagon reportedly took the initiative in gathering the women at a party, confiscating their cell phones in a hotel room, and sending them lines expressing concern while they were being sexually assaulted by Matsumoto.

The woman was allegedly left alone with a man in order to play a “game” with him, and was suddenly kissed by a naked Matsumoto, who told her to have his baby.

Yoshimoto Kogyo completely denies any knowledge of the incident. Matsumoto also wrote on SNS that he was motivated and would fight to prove his innocence.

“Yoshimoto has a lineup of top-notch lawyers who are strong in the entertainment industry, and if the case really goes to trial, I think they will fight thoroughly. The side of Mr. Ozawa’s company, Horipro, is also making no comment, perhaps out of concern for Mr. Matsumoto.”

“However, on social networking sites, other women have already begun to voice their opinions, saying, “I was in a similar situation.” Of course, the veracity of these testimonies is not certain at this stage, but there is a possibility that this could turn into a swampy dispute.”

Matsumoto’s news coverage is also attracting attention overseas.


The Straits Times, Singapore’s largest newspaper founded in 1845, published the following article on December 28

“Japanese comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto denies sexual assault allegations”

The report details the events at the hotel according to the woman’s testimony, but what is noteworthy is that it also discusses the Weekly Bunshun, which reported the story.

Bunshun was introduced as the first magazine to cover the Johnny’s issue in 1999, and reportedly led to the reorganization of Johnny’s. The article is also written in French, Icelandic, and other languages. The magazine has also been translated into French, Icelandic, and other languages and distributed around the world.

“The positioning of Mr. Matsumoto’s sexual assault issue is, from the perspective of foreign countries, very similar to the composition of the Johnny’s issue. Mr. Ozawa is reported to have attended to Matsumoto’s sexual assault by threatening women working in the entertainment industry, saying things like, ‘If there are any rough spots, you may not be able to walk around here anymore.’”

“The composition is similar: he had to yield to the power of Mr. Johnny Kitagawa and accept sexual assault. Companies with global operations may accelerate their sponsor separation from Matsumoto’s programs,” said a reporter for a women’s magazine.

Matsumoto has also been appointed as an ambassador for the Osaka Expo and is attracting worldwide attention. If more “me too” comments appear one after another in the future, Matsumoto’s ambassadorship of the Expo and commercials will not be safe.

In fact, the following comments were made on social networking sites

“I’m going to boycott the products of the sponsors who use these people.”
“It’s not good that the Expo ambassadors are being reported abroad as alleged sexual assailants.”

Matsumoto has boasted of his “iron-clad defense” by his junior comedians, Yoshimoto Kogyo, and the major media. How will foreign media coverage affect him?

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