After “DayDay.”: Nippon TV’s Miyu Kuroda’s “Love Affair with the Director of the Same TV Program” Despite the Unpopularity of the Scoop, She is Still Received with Elevation | FRIDAY DIGITAL

After “DayDay.”: Nippon TV’s Miyu Kuroda’s “Love Affair with the Director of the Same TV Program” Despite the Unpopularity of the Scoop, She is Still Received with Elevation

A compilation of 23 years of hot love scoops: "After that hot love scoop," "post-Mizuto" and "handsome director".

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In late May 2011, this magazine reported the “passionate date” of Miyu Kuroda, 25, a highly anticipated Japanese TV announcer who is one of the candidates for the “post-Mizuto-chan” position at Nippon TV. The other party was a handsome director who had joined Nippon TV in the same year . The following is a review of the details based on the article distributed on May 25, 2011 (ages and titles in the article are as of the time of publication).

Anna Kuroda burst out laughing at Mr. A’s words! However, he was enjoying the date without being noticed by those around him and without worrying about being seen!

In the early afternoon of Golden Week 2011, NTV announcer Miyu Kuroda (24) was enjoying a bowl of pasta alone at a restaurant chain in Ginza, Tokyo, after finishing a live broadcast of “DayDay.

After finishing her meal with a blank expression on her face, a man wearing a Prada cap rushed up to her as she was leaving the restaurant. Upon spotting the man, Anna Kuroda flashed a cute, bubbly smile that was a complete change from the smile she had on earlier.

With the end of the 17-year-long flagship program “Sukkiri! which lasted for 17 years, started in April 2011. Kuroda, in her third year with the company, was selected as the main MC along with Ryota Yamasato (46) of “Nankai Candies” and former NHK announcer Shinichi Takeda (55).

It is no exaggeration to say that Nippon TV, which missed out on the triple crown in household viewer ratings in 2010, is betting its corporate fortune on “DayDay. The fact that Kuroda was chosen as a partner for Takeda, who had just become a freelancer, shows how high expectations were placed on her. Kuroda is always cheerful in the program, but behind the scenes she is an extremely hard worker. She is already being called the next “post-Mizuto” ace at the station.

Who was the man at the beginning of this article who instantly made the ace candidate, who must have been tired from the morning’s live broadcast, smile?

He is Mr. A, a director who joined the company in the same year as Kuroda. He is currently in charge of the daytime information program “Hirunandes! Mr. A is from Osaka, a graduate of Kyoto University, good-looking like Taiga Nakano, and a funny guy who used to belong to a comedy club. Although he has only been with the company for three years, he is a young director with high expectations from within the company.

After meeting up, the two men chatted and laughed as they walked to a nearby café. While waiting at a traffic light, Mr. A touched Kuroda’s bangs and stroked her head as she looked at her phone. Then she looked up and smiled at him. Kuroda grabbed Mr. A’s arm as if to support him, and the atmosphere was very good.

One is a popular announcer, the other a young director at a TV station. They must have taken time out from their busy work schedules to go on a date. They talked for about an hour at a café and then broke up.

Kare’s Love at First Sight

At a social gathering when they were both still university students, Mr. A fell in love with Anna Kuroda at first sight. They made a fierce attack and ended up dating. They both went to university in the Kansai region, so I think they must have met over there before joining the company. They introduced each other to their friends, and for a time they almost lived together in Mr. A’s apartment in Tokyo. Kuroda, who is from the Kansai region, loves comedy so much that his hobby is watching it, and since Mr. A once participated in the M-1 preliminary round when he was a student, it is understandable that Kuroda was attracted to Mr. A.” (source)

Three days after their Ginza date, FRIDAY caught the two enjoying lunch at a Korean restaurant in Yurakucho, with Kuroda repeatedly laughing hysterically at Mr. A’s stories. After lunch, as they walked along the concourse leading to the subway station, Mr. A grabbed Ana Kuroda firmly around the waist and she said, “C’mon! Stop it already!” and bashing her boyfriend. Their happy voices echoed throughout the concourse.

Again, they broke up after about two hours, and Mr. A got back on his rented bicycle and headed back to Shiodome, where the station was located. It seems to be their regular pattern to meet up after her broadcast and have a cafe or lunch date …….

To confirm the dating rumors, we later directly interviewed Anna Kuroda as she hurried home.

–Kuroda-san, it’s Friday.


–I would like to ask you about your relationship with Mr. A. ……

“Oh, I’m sorry. May I ask you to go through the public relations department?

He did not change his expression and seemed calm when asked the question, but he did not stop until the end and ran at a high speed through the rain.

When we later interviewed NTV, the response was, “We do not answer questions about our employees’ private lives.

Kuroda, who is expected to be “post-Mizuto-chan” both inside and outside the company, had her first romance with a handsome director who was her classmate.

Despite the unpopularity of “DayDay.”, her reputation has been climbing in an eel’s nest. ……

Immediately after this magazine’s report, the upper management of Nippon TV was said to be very angry.

However, the fact that an article about her infatuation appeared only a month and a half after the start of the broadcast shows that she is too unaware of her role as a future ace candidate. It must mean that he is too unaware of his role as a future ace candidate. At one point, there were whispers that he might be dropped during the program’s revamping season, but he seems to be getting used to the program’s progress and is gradually showing his ability.

At the beginning of the program, there were some signs of confusion with the three-person team, but they are now able to afford to enliven the scene together.’ Announcer Kuroda, who celebrated her 25th birthday on December 20, 2011, updated her Instagram. She was holding a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, which she said was a gift from the staff,

Every day of the past year has been really intense, and I have been supported by the staff and co-stars around me, as well as by the people who always send me warm messages.

He reflected on the past year,

I will devote my 25th year to repaying all those who have supported me, even if only a little.

I will do my best to repay those who have supported me as much as possible at the age of 25. This means that we may not hear a “marriage report” during 2012.

Kuroda holds Mr. A’s arm while looking at his phone; Mr. A is from Kyoto University and Kuroda is from Kwansei Gakuin University, both from the Kansai region.
The two had a series of brief lunch dates. Kuroda, who is 162 cm tall, always wears shoes without heels, as if she prefers shoes that are easy to move around in.
She leaves her house after 5:00 every morning for the live broadcast that starts at 9:00. She is also popular among viewers for being a little natural.
A cut never before published in this magazine: Miyu Kuroda, the next ace MC of Nippon TV’s “DayDay.” A lovey-dovey date with the director’s boyfriend.
Unpublished cuts of Miyu Kuroda, the next ace MC of Nippon TV’s “DayDay.” A lovey-dovey date with the director’s boyfriend.
Unpublished cuts from the magazine Miyu Kuroda, MC of Nippon TV’s next ace show “DayDay.
Unpublished cuts of Miyu Kuroda, the next ace MC of Nippon TV’s “DayDay.” A lovey-dovey date with the director’s boyfriend.
Kuroda reports that she received a bouquet of flowers as a gift on her 25th birthday (from her Instagram @_miyu_kuroda).
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