Why Maya Kobayashi returned to being a spiritual husband despite “reports of separation and estrangement”? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why Maya Kobayashi returned to being a spiritual husband despite “reports of separation and estrangement”?

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Maya Kobayashi, who was reported to have separated and divorced, has now been reported to be back together with her husband, Mr. Kunimitsu…

In March of this year, Shukan Bunshun reported that Maya Kobayashi, a freelance announcer who was reported to have separated from her husband, has started living together again with her husband, Gin Kunimitsu, who works as a “spiritual therapist.

She was once a celebrity under the name “Akira”. He actually belonged to the same entertainment production company as Kobayashi, but he and his wife were eventually kicked out and quit the agency.

The two married in 2006, about a year after the death of Mao Kobayashi, Kobayashi’s sister and wife of Ebizo Ichikawa. Kobayashi retired from the entertainment industry, but in 2007, she resumed her career as a member of the Ikushima Planning Office, chaired by a senior TBS analyst. The following year, Kunimitsu joined the group and the couple planned to work together in the entertainment industry, but it did not work out.

The following year, Mr. Kunimitsu joined the couple and they planned to entertain themselves together, but it didn’t work out. Moreover, he gradually began to interfere in his wife’s work, which caused trouble with the TV station. In the end, Maya dropped her regular program “Gutto Luck! (TBS), where she was a regular. (TBS), and her contract with her office was also terminated.

Not only in the entertainment industry, Ebizo has also distanced himself from Kunimitsu. In addition to the entertainment industry, Ebizo also distanced himself from Mr. Kunimitsu. There were days when he could not even see his two children, Binsen and Reichu, the children of Ebizo and Mao, whom Kobayashi had treated as if they were his own.

On October 29, Ebizo updated his blog with the following message: “Welcome back, really, after all that’s happened, but it doesn’t matter, it’s been a long time! Since they had been estranged for more than two years, I’m sure that the happiness of both bins and Reichu exceeded their expectations.

When Ebizo, who had distanced himself from Kunimitsu, was reunited with Kobayashi, speculation spread that their marriage was falling apart, and divorce reports quickly heated up. However, in reality, they had a loving marriage….

On the Internet, there were even allegations that they were living apart under false pretenses in order to see Ebizo and his children, which Kobayashi himself denied on social media. However, it is a fact that there was a time when she was actually trying to keep her distance from Mr. Kunimitsu.

An entertainment industry insider said, “There was a time when she was trying to distance herself from Mr. Kunimitsu. However, it is true that there was a time when she tried to distance herself from Kunimitsu.

It’s true that there was a time when she was trying to get the children to go to school,” said one person involved in the entertainment business. For this reason, she was told how much the children missed her, and at one point she even decided to cut off her husband.

However, Mr. Kunimitsu, who was “absolutely against” divorce, eventually persuaded her and they ended up getting back together. I guess that’s how good he is at getting into people’s hearts.

Kobayashi will be appearing on stage from December 7th, but we wonder where this high-profile couple will go from here.

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