Haruka Ayase’s Hochi Film Award for Adult Charm, but her film is a “huge flop”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Haruka Ayase’s Hochi Film Award for Adult Charm, but her film is a “huge flop”.

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Haruka Ayase’s beautiful back view at the “Hochi Film Awards 2023” award ceremony

On December 11, 2011, Haruka Ayase (38), winner of the Best Actress Award, took the stage at the “Hochi Film Awards 2023” award ceremony.

Ayase appeared in a black dress that boldly exposed her chest and back, looking nervous,

I will work hard on this day to deliver a moment that will move the hearts of those who watch the film,” she said.

I will work hard on this day to deliver such a moment that will move the hearts of those who watch the film. Although she captivated the audience with her beauty and dignity, she was harshly criticized by the industry.

She won the award for “Legend & Butterfly,” in which she starred with Takuya Kimura (51) as Nobuhime Nobunaga Oda’s wife, and “Revolver Lily,” an authentic spy movie that featured intense action scenes. “The Revolver Lily” was a “big flop” at the box office. In particular, “Revolver,” directed by hit maker Isao Yukisada and shown in many theaters, was expected to be a big hit, but turned out to be a disappointment.

In TV dramas, he has not appeared in any drama series since “Goto no Isanjikan” (Fuji Television), in which he starred in the April 2010 season. The two films in which she appeared in 2011, both of which were disappointing, have made her anxious about her future.

On the other hand, Aina the End (29), who won the Best Newcomer Award at the Hochi Film Awards, was the most highly acclaimed actress in ’23.

At the height of her popularity as the vocalist of the girl group “BISH,” which disbanded in June ’23 and attracted many fans with its catchphrase “a punk band without instruments,” she was approached by director Shunji Iwai and made her first appearance in a movie, “Kirie no Uta,” in her first leading role. Her performance as Kyrie, a woman whose voice can only be heard through singing, was highly acclaimed.

At the award ceremony, Aina appeared in a full-body pink dress, which was cute and different from her usual cool image, but she was dreadfully nervous in an unfamiliar setting. When Director Iwai made a surprise appearance and handed Aina a bouquet of flowers, she seemed to relax at once.

Aina is,

Aina said, “The director found me, picked me up, and let me act in a movie for the first time. (My performance was very poor, but it purified what was oozing out of me.

The audience was excited to hear his words of gratitude.

Ayase definitely had more dignity and aura than Aina at the award ceremony, but in terms of her success in 2011, Aina has the upper hand. I couldn’t help but feel the difference in momentum.

Ayase will appear in “Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law Blues Final” (TBS) on January 2, 2012. This drama aired in the July ’18 season and recorded an average household rating of 14.1% (Video Research, Kanto region), making it a hit role for Ayase. Special editions were aired in the New Year of 2008 and 2010, both of which recorded high viewer ratings.

Ayase’s character, a staunch career woman, is suddenly proposed to by a man who has a daughter, and they get married. The drama, which depicted her stepping into the world of housework and mommyhood, a different field from her own, and trying her best to be a mother to her daughter, became a hit role for her.

Moeka Kamihiraishi (23), who played the daughter, is now also an actress with a leading role, and as the title suggests, this will be the final film in the series. I hope that Ayase will receive high acclaim here and show that she is still going strong.

(TV magazine reporter) Will Ayase be able to get off to a good start?

Ayase looked nervous, but her aura was amazing.
Haruka Ayase looks beautiful from every angle.
Aina the End with a nervous look on her face.
Aina the End looked uncomfortable from start to finish.
Aina the End looking relieved after being handed a bouquet of flowers by Director Shunji Iwai, who made a surprise appearance.
The winners of the awards. From right to left: Haruka Ayase, Ryusei Yokohama, Fumi Nikaido, Aina the End
  • PHOTO Kazuhiko Nakamura

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