In the “Hobbies” column of her player profile, she wrote “Karaoke”… The “Surprising Secret” of the strength of Miyu Yamashita, the queen two years in a row. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

In the “Hobbies” column of her player profile, she wrote “Karaoke”… The “Surprising Secret” of the strength of Miyu Yamashita, the queen two years in a row.

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Yamashita, who places great importance on rhythm, has a reputation among those involved for being a “good singer.

This year, for the second year in a row, Yamashita Miyu was crowned the Queen of the Year on the Japanese Women’s Tour. The secret of her strength lies in her “throat”!

Yamashita, who won 5 times and finished in the top 10 20 times in 32 tournaments last year, averaged in the 60s in stroke average (69.4322) for two years in a row, and also won over 200 million yen in prize money (213,554,215 yen) for the first time in her tour history. What Yamashita values most is the “rhythm” of his swing.

Whenever he has to correct a shot during a round, he usually asks the question, “What did you pay attention to? When asked, “What did you focus on?” the answer is usually, ” Rhythm first…” He has been working with his father, Katsuomi, who is a coach. I have talked many times with my father, Masaomi, who is also my coach, about the tempo and rhythm that he points out to me.

In other words, his extraordinary sense of rhythm is one of the factors that support his golf game.

This reminds me of this story I heard from a tour official: “Yamashita is a great singer.

I heard that Yamashita is a good singer.

Not only is he an outstanding golfer, but he also has a beautiful voice. Singing well and having a sense of rhythm are inseparable. Something in common, I feel.

When we asked Yamashita about this, he laughed and said, “No, I don’t! She humbly replied, “No, it’s not true! However, the Japan Ladies Professional Golf Association’s website lists “karaoke” as a hobby in the player profile. When asked about this, she replied, “I wasn’t sure what to write, so I decided to write it because I don’t dislike it. Although she has never scored 100 points at karaoke, she does show her “sex appeal,” saying, “I’d like to do it (laughs).

Erika Hara, who won the Japan Women’s Open last October, is also famous among those in the know for being a “pretty good singer. Hara’s mentor, Jumbo Ozaki, who made his debut as a singer in 1975 with the song “Kimi wa Ima,” is also known as a singer with a sweet voice. Many of the current men’s tours also boast singers. Perhaps there is a similarity between this and golf, where the tempo of the swing is important.

The season of year-end and New Year’s parties is about to begin. The karaoke scores may be directly related to golf scores…………………….

Erika Hara is also reputed to be a good singer. Her teacher, Jumbo Ozaki, also made his debut as a singer.
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