Fuji Television’s Yuka Ebihara, rumored to have joined the family and soon to be married… “After” her “living together in a townhouse with a super-elite entrepreneur | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fuji Television’s Yuka Ebihara, rumored to have joined the family and soon to be married… “After” her “living together in a townhouse with a super-elite entrepreneur

After 23 years of love scoops: Fuji TV's "cool beauty" and a super-elite entrepreneur

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It was October 23, 2011, when Fuji TV announcer Yuka Ebihara, appearing on Fuji TV’s nightly news program “FNN Live News Alpha,” was caught commuting to work from the home of a man who lives with her. The partner was a very elite entrepreneur who graduated from Tokyo University.’ The following is a review of the details based on the article distributed on November 21, 2011 (ages and titles in the article are as of the time of publication).

Anna Ebihara emerges from the apartment where Mr. N lives. Taking advantage of her tall stature, she was also the captain of the volleyball team during her school days. Can he establish himself as a sports analyst?

On a holiday in early October, a beautiful woman was seen on a street in the Bay Area of Minato Ward, which was crowded with families. It was a chilly day with a cold autumn rain falling in the morning, but the woman, Yuka Ebihara, 29, a Fuji Television announcer, sashayed out of a high-rise condominium, perhaps 30 stories above the ground, wearing a short one-piece dress that was at least 15 cm above the knee.

Ebihara is a cool-beauty announcer who won the grand prix in the “Miss Gakushuin Contest 2015” when she was a junior at Gakushuin University. She joined Fuji Television in 2005 with a bang, and in October of her first year, she was selected as an MC assistant for “Information Presenter Tokutodane! in October of her first year.

Currently, she is the sports anchor for the weekday evening news program “FNN Live News α” (main anchor on Fridays) and the Tuesday edition of the CS broadcast “Professional Baseball News. Her colleague is Kuji Akiko (29), a.k.a. Kujipan, who married NBA player Yuta Watanabe (29), and it is said that Ebihara’s year is a “good year” for her position.

Although she is often seated and inconspicuous on the program, she is actually tall at 169 cm and has excellent proportions. On this day, Ebihara crossed a pedestrian crossing on her long, slender legs to go out with friends and headed for the nearest station, but she had such a presence that people looking at her in passing involuntarily turned their heads.

The popular Fuji TV announcer’s celebrity Minato-ku tower apartment seemed to suit her well, but her acquaintance told her, “That’s not Ebihara’s house. But, as one of her acquaintances put it, “That’s not Ebihara’s house.

To be precise, it is a “love nest. It is the apartment where her boyfriend, Mr. N (32), the president of a consulting company, lives. The two got acquainted about two years ago. It all started when Ebihara attended a drinking party for business owners in Minato Ward, introduced by an acquaintance. The two hit it off immediately. Before they knew it, they were living together in a townhouse where Mr. N lived,” said an acquaintance of the two.

In 2006, this magazine reported on Ebihara’s love affair with Mr. K, a venture capitalist who is two years older than her, but her latest partner is just as elite as Mr. K.

After graduating from Kaisei High School, the alma mater of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida (66) and the most prestigious high school in Tokyo, Mr. N joined an entrepreneurial club at the University of Tokyo and ran a real estate company while still a student. After graduating, he joined a foreign investment bank in the U.S., but two years later, in 2006, he became independent and established his current company. Since its establishment, the company has continued to increase sales and profits, and last year he published a book. I have been inundated with requests from the business media to write articles and give interviews. He is a sincere manager who describes himself as having taken the high road.

Since he started dating Ebihara, Mr. N’s sincerity is said to have been spurred on.

He is the opposite of the kind of man who drives to work in a chauffeur-driven car and spends his evenings drinking in Minato Ward, as is typical of venture company executives. He still sometimes stayed out late, but since he started dating Mr. Ebihara, he has been going to work early in the morning by train and going straight home to his house where Mr. Ebihara is. He is madly in love with her and said, “I can’t wait to get married! I can’t wait to get married! They are getting engaged soon and are aiming to get married at the beginning of the new year.

Will Ebihara follow in the footsteps of her peers who have married top athletes and marry a top executive before she turns 30? We directly interviewed Ebihara, who had just returned to her “love nest” after finishing work.

–I’m sorry to bother you, but I’m tired. This is Friday.

…… (After glancing at the reporter, she went to Mr. N’s apartment)

–Can you tell us about your relationship with Mr. N, with whom you live together? Do you have any plans to get married?


On behalf of Ebihara, Fuji Television’s public relations department commented.

We do not answer questions regarding the private lives of our employees.”

The announcer who won the beauty contest is married to a super-elite executive. The day is approaching when Ebihara will take such a “royal road”!

Even after the revelation of her love affair, she continues to show off her beautiful style on her Instagram.

On November23, 2011, two days after this article was distributed, Ebihara showed a photo of herself and Reimi Tsutsumi ( 30 ), who is one year her senior and whose birthday is on the same day, on her Instagram. She reported that she celebrated her birthday at the end of the program.

In addition, on December10, 2011, she posted a photo of herself wearing a black one-piece dress showing her décolleté, which was probably taken in a news studio. She showed off her outstanding style.

On the official YouTube channel of “News Alpha,” which was released about two months ago, Anna Ebihara said that she goes to the gym twice a week to maintain her health. Her outstanding style is probably the result of such efforts. She is now active mainly in news programs, but she also said that her goal for 2012 is to cover the Paris Olympics onsite.

In order to achieve her big goal of covering the Olympics, it is important to stabilize her private life and create an environment in which she can focus on her work. There are rumors that Ebihara is going to join a registry and get married early in the new year . It seems that the year 2012 will be a year of obedience.

After meeting a friend, I went home to the townhouse. Originally he had long hair, but last fall he had his hair slashed. ……
Mr. N going to work
Fuji Television’s Yuka Ebihara, a super-elite entrepreneur and a “handsome and handsome semi-living together in a tower mansion in Minato-ku” 《Scoop on a serious relationship!》
Fuji Television’s Yuka Ebihara, a super-elite entrepreneur and a “handsome semi-living together in a tower apartment in Minato-ku” 《Scoop on a serious relationship!
From his Instagram @ebioffi
From his Instagram @ebioffi
From his Instagram @ebioffi
From his Instagram @ebioffi
From his Instagram @ebioffi
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