Playback] “Man who earns 100 million yen per second” Tsubasa Yosawa, who was in a difficult situation, revealed his “weak voice” only to this magazine. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Playback] “Man who earns 100 million yen per second” Tsubasa Yosawa, who was in a difficult situation, revealed his “weak voice” only to this magazine.

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He said he was unusually depressed that day.

What did “FRIDAY” report 10, 20, and 30 years ago? We look back at the topics that were popular at the time in “Playback Friday”. This time, we bring you “Tsubasa Yosawa’s Exclusive Confession of Weakness: Betrayed by Both Subordinates and Women” from the December 13, 2001 issue, 10 years ago.

Tsubasa Yosawa (31 at the time), Chairman of Free Agent Style Holdings, was introduced in many media outlets as a “man who earns 100 million yen a second” among the “Neo Hills Tribe” with his extraordinarily rich lifestyle. The magazine had an exclusive interview with him when his bankruptcy was imminent.

He said, “The troubles I’ve been going through have made me reconsider the way I want to live.

He said, “It’s over now. Frankly, I’m tired. ……

The man who had boldly claimed that he could make 100 million yen in a second mumbled in a muffled voice, “I’m done.

On November 23 of that year, Yosawa was charged with punching a driver in the face. However, according to Yosawa, this was a “1,000% frame-up. The driver had been driving dangerously for some time and had been warned that he would be fired if he did it again, but he still drove dangerously that day, so he “just touched him on the cheek with his right hand as a warning and said, ‘You’re done.

In the article, Yosawa expressed his anger as follows.

The doctor’s note accompanying the damage report says, “Two weeks of total recovery from hearing loss,” which is ridiculous. We are also in the process of having the medical report checked to see if it is based on a proper diagnosis. They must have been jealous of me drinking around in a Rolls-Royce Phantom with my pretty sister.

He is worth 8 billion yen, owns a 70 million yen Rolls-Royce and a 110 million yen helicopter, and drinks 1 million yen every night with a group of beautiful women known as the “Yosawa Girls” in tow. He would throw away small change because it was a nuisance. The driver was not the only one who was not amused by Mr. Yosawa. Yosawa himself seemed to be tired of having all sorts of people come to him for money. On the other hand, he also revealed his weakness.

I have always been told that I am not a good judge of people. Recently, there have been a series of incidents that have made me keenly aware of this, and I have lost confidence in myself. I was shocked when a business manager I was close to was arrested, and I was also upset when a driver I was trying to rehabilitate filed a damage report against me. (omission) The Yosawa Girls, of which there were many, are also on their way out. The various troubles that we were going through made me reconsider the way I wanted to live my life.

Yosawa had fallen into a state of complete distrust of people, including the discovery that an employee he had trusted was using his expenses as he saw fit. The fact that sales in his main business of Internet affiliate and information product sales had plummeted for several months was also a contributing factor to his “bearishness.

From now on, I want to focus on the down-to-earth education industry, not on businesses that are like fireworks. I will not appear in the mass media anymore, and I will not throw away pennies. I will save every day in this piggy bank that can accumulate 500,000 yen. I have finally come to understand the meaning of the phrase, “He who laughs at a penny cries for a penny. The Yosawa Tsubasa I’ve known so far has completely died.

The article says that he then tossed the coins in his wallet into the piggy bank.

But this was only the “beginning of the end. On April 26 of the following year, Yosawa confessed on Facebook that his company had gone bankrupt, saying, “We are completely short of funds. He fell into a life similar to that of a homeless person. In 2002, Mr. Yosawa told this magazine that he had been ordered by the National Tax Administration Bureau to pay approximately 150 million yen in unpaid corporate taxes and that the credit card settlement agency that handled his payments had mysteriously gone bankrupt.

He then moved to Singapore, almost penniless, where he invested 8 billion yen in real estate and other assets, and became a wealthy man once again. This time, he may have learned a lesson from that time.

The room in midtown where he lived with his “true love. The sofa alone cost 4 million yen (March 8 and 15, 2001 issue).
Apart from his home, he also rented a room at “THE ROPPONGI TOKYO” for 1.5 million yen per month (March 8 and 15, 2001 issues).
A chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce Phantom. He also owned a Ferrari and a Bentley (March 8 and 15, 2001 issue).
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