Mako’s “no ceremony marriage” reported by foreign media as “the fault of the Komuro family | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mako’s “no ceremony marriage” reported by foreign media as “the fault of the Komuro family

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Kei Komuro is currently living in New York with Mako. His Imperial Highness Prince Akishino did not mention the name “my daughter’s husband” until the end of the press conference…

The Daily Mail dated November 30th reported on Prince Akishino’s birthday press conference.

His Imperial Highness Prince Akishino himself has revealed that his daughter, Princess Mako, has decided that her husband’s (a relative’s) money scandal means he should not perform the traditional wedding ceremony.

The report said. Furthermore, the poll stated that 80% of the public is opposed to a ceremonial marriage of the royal family.

This is in reference to the fact that Prince Akishino stated that he did not perform the three ceremonies, including the “nosai no ritual,” which is normally performed when female members of the Imperial Family marry. Furthermore, he said

“Until the very end, Mako wanted to make the press conference interactive, but it was difficult due to her complex PTSD.

“It would have been better if my husband had had a chance to speak.”

“It would have been better if my husband had had a chance to speak,” the paper said, reporting exactly what Prince Akishino had said.

The newspaper recently published a scoop with photos of Mako and Kei Komuro, who had just moved to New York, living together. It seems that the foreign media is also very interested in the two.

It also reported that he had complained about slander in the press and on the Internet.

His Imperial Highness Prince Akishino emphasized that Princess Mako had done her duty as a member of the royal family, but when I listened to him talk about Mr. Komuro at the press conference, I felt that he had not opened his heart to her. She didn’t even mention Mr. Komuro’s name, but used phrases such as “my husband” and “my daughter’s husband.

I don’t know if he didn’t want to say it out loud, or if he wanted to avoid provoking the public, but he couldn’t avoid answering the question for now, so that’s probably how it turned out.

As for the timing of the marriage, Mako’s deadline of turning 30 was a few days too late, but the marriage was consummated by the time of Prince Akishino’s birthday, and she even traveled to the United States. I guess it was a prerequisite that everything had to be done by then, since His Imperial Highness Prince Akishino would be speaking at the birthday press conference.

He probably couldn’t stop Mako from getting married even though he wasn’t convinced until the end. Even after the marriage, Mako went back to the Akasaka Imperial Palace, so I don’t think the family has fallen out that much.

I think what I can’t understand is that it’s all about Mr. Komuro. In connection with Mr. Komuro’s troubles, some people reported things that His Majesty Empress Michiko, the mother of Mr. Komuro, did not say, and Mr. Akishino expressed his regret that this had an impact on the Imperial Family other than the Akishino family.

(National newspaper reporter) The current thoughts of Prince Akishino, and the fact that the Princess was married off while the Imperial Family was not satisfied, were once again reported around the world. I wonder how Japan’s traditional Imperial Family is viewed by people overseas.

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