Fans rejoice at Kyoko Fukada’s “too noble dress-like kimono”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans rejoice at Kyoko Fukada’s “too noble dress-like kimono”!

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Kyoko Fukada during the filming of a drama at the end of last year.

Actress Kyoko Fukada’s “too-beautiful dress-like blue-green kimono outfit” is creating a buzz. It was published in the Winter 2021 issue of “Beautiful Kimono,” a kimono magazine that features Fukada on its cover.

The title of the magazine was “White and yellow shine brightly on a rich background color,” and the following text was used to describe the kimono.

The kimono is unique with its deep blue-green ground color. Western flowers are shown in vertical lines, making the kimono look slender. The small flowers scattered around the kimono enhance the cute impression. Wear it like a dress with the same blue sash.

Fukada is standing in front of the door leading to the balcony in the western-style building, staring at the camera with her back straight. Her hands are folded around her navel, giving her a very elegant look. Fukada’s gentle smile adds to her nobility.

Fukada is wearing a visiting kimono. A visiting kimono is a kimono with a pattern across the seams called an “ewa pattern. It can be worn for a wide range of occasions such as weddings and parties. Fukada wore the kimono beautifully.

The magazine also shows photos of Fukada wearing “an overly bold bright red kimono” and “an overly glaring light green kimono. The magazine is a must-see for fans who can feel Fukada’s charm once again.

Fukada had been on a temporary hiatus this year due to overwork. It was also revealed that she had been diagnosed by a doctor as having an “adjustment disorder.

Fukada is a very popular actress who is constantly in demand for her work in movies, dramas, and commercials, and her life has been extremely busy; just a few days before her office announced her suspension in May, she had appeared at the unveiling of a new product for a company for which she works in commercials. Incidentally, the office explained that she had been in poor health since last spring, and it seems that she had been overworking herself a lot.

I hope she can take it easy at least at the end of this year. In the magazine, she said, “I’d like to wear a kimono and go on a New Year’s visit at least once in my life. As a fan, I can only hope that this will come true this New Year. By the way, she enjoys wearing Yukata every summer.

Keep an eye on Fukada next year at ……!

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