This way! Over here! The shocking scene of Hitoshi Matsumoto, who stopped a cab by himself… “Sexual assault report”, “having a flirtatious night out with an ordinary woman”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

This way! Over here! The shocking scene of Hitoshi Matsumoto, who stopped a cab by himself… “Sexual assault report”, “having a flirtatious night out with an ordinary woman”.

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Matsumoto enters a restaurant alone with a beautiful woman who looks like Hiro. His sharp gaze was impressive (April 11, ’05 issue).

On December 27, “Weekly Bunshun” reported on “Downtown” Hitoshi Matsumoto’s (60) “allegations of sexual assault,” causing a stir.

In the article, a woman who was invited to a “VIP drinking party” by Kazutaka Ozawa (50) of “Speed Wagon” in 2003 and summoned to a luxury hotel in Tokyo confessed to being sexually assaulted by Matsumoto in what she called a “game. Another woman who was “sexually assaulted” by Matsumoto in the same manner suffered from PTSD for several years and stopped watching any comedy shows.

In the article, Ozawa told the woman about Matsumoto’s “certain sexual proclivities.

Matsumoto’s proclivities are very unusual: He doesn’t like porn stars or professional women, and he doesn’t like girls who are his fans either. He doesn’t feel any value in that.

This magazine has reported on Matsumoto’s love affairs with numerous celebrities, including Takako Tokiwa (51), Yuka (43), and Hiro (39), but we have also seen him with “ordinary women” on numerous occasions. We would like to look back on these scenes by re-recording them (some contents have been modified).

April 11, ’05 issue] “This way! This way!” and stopped the cab himself: ……

One night, a beautiful woman in her early twenties, who looked like Matsumoto and Hiro, pulled up on Aoyama-dori in a cab. Matsumoto was wearing a black hat and an oversized mask that covered most of his face. At the time of the COVID-19 crisis 15 years ago, such a mask was rather conspicuous. Matsumoto and a beautiful woman entered a restaurant, glaring menacingly at their surroundings.

It was around the time the date changed when they left the restaurant. Matsumoto was in a much better mood than when they entered the restaurant, and said, “This way! This way! and tried to stop the cab himself. Normally, this is a job for a junior comedian, and Matsumoto himself would never act so publicly. Even in the cab, Matsumoto was talking to the woman. He must have been very attached to this woman. The cab eventually stopped in front of a luxury apartment building and the two disappeared into it.

The beautiful woman was surprised for a moment, then nodded toward Matsumoto.

Matsumoto had made his directorial debut the year before with “Dainipponjin. He was even invited to Cannes, and his talent became known around the world, but it seems that his playfulness was as good as ever.

Among a group of people hanging out in front of an upscale Chinese restaurant in Azabu, which is frequented by some of the biggest names in politics and business, this magazine discovered a man nearly two meters tall with a huge shaved head. He was a comedian whom Matsumoto had taken a liking to at the time. A closer look around revealed Matsumoto completely hidden behind the shaved head. He was curled up on his back, looking cold, but seemed to be in a good mood, with a smile peeking out from time to time.

As it turned out, there were two beautiful women in the group. Matsumoto walked up next to one of them, a slender beauty resembling Miho Shiraishi, and talked to her. She put her hands over her mouth and looked surprised. Eventually, she nodded toward Matsumoto.

The shaved head then stops the cab, and Matsumoto and the beautiful woman get in. When Matsumoto arrived at the super-luxury apartment in Roppongi, he and the Shiraishi-like beauty went inside, their gait light, as if they had been frozen in the cold earlier.

In the past, Matsumoto always drove his own car, either by himself or with a junior comedian at the wheel, but nowadays he often takes a cab.

I think it is partly because the comedians he used to hang out with have families and are busy with work, and the number of people he hangs out with has decreased. He himself was also very busy, and I think that he went out for fun less often than before.

The following year, in May 2009, Matsumoto married a former TV personality, and in October of the same year, their first daughter was born. At the time, his doting love for his daughter was reported in various media, and the “good father” image was firmly established. Rumors of his nightlife had also disappeared.

However, there were signs that he had continued to create a “character in which adultery was not a surprise.

On “Wide Nah Show” (Fuji TV), he revealed that before marrying his wife, he repeatedly reminded her, “I am not a man who will not have an affair even if I get married.

Also, regarding Ken Watabe’s apology for his adultery when he returned to work in 2010, he commented, “It’s like a physiological phenomenon now, so you shouldn’t say that I won’t do it again,” and “I’m sure I’ll do it again, but please continue to watch me like this. He also said that he would answer in the same way when his own adultery was revealed.

The “allegations of sexual assault” reported by Shukan Bunshun. How will Matsumoto himself comment on the “sexual assault allegations” reported by “Weekly Bunshun”?

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The two leaving the restaurant around midnight (April 11, ’05).
Unusually, Matsumoto tried to stop the cab, but could not catch it. Eventually, the beautiful woman picks up a cab (April 11, ’05 issue).
Inside the cab on the way to the apartment. Matsumoto was talking to the beautiful woman (April 11, 2005 issue).

Matsumoto and his group hanging out in front of a Chinese restaurant. Matsumoto was talking to a woman behind the back of a large man with a shaved head (January 4, ’08 issue).
The beautiful woman looked momentarily surprised at something Matsumoto said. What on earth did he whisper to her?
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