Kako, who was modest as a child… but has become an adult woman “into the last year of her 20s,” a collection of images overflowing with charm | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kako, who was modest as a child… but has become an adult woman “into the last year of her 20s,” a collection of images overflowing with charm

December 29th is Kako's 29th birthday, and she has been a reclusive younger sister who adores her older sister, Mako, until she grows up to become a beautiful PRINCESS PRINCESS...

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On the occasion of her 28th birthday, the Imperial Household Agency released this photo in December ’22. She looks beautiful walking through the Akasaka Imperial Palace in the autumn foliage.

For Kako, the second daughter of the Akishino family, the year 2012 will mark the last year of her twenties, and around the time of her twentieth birthday, the impression of the PRINCESS PRINCESS changed, according to Shinji Yamashita, a commentator on the Imperial Household.

In her childhood, Her Imperial Highness Princess Kako had a reserved impression, as if she was hiding behind her active older sister. But at the press conference in 2002, she looked the reporters in the eye and spoke in her own words. I remember feeling that she had grown in stature.

In his 20s, the marriage of his older sister, Mako Komuro (32), was a turning point in his life. In a letter released upon her graduation from International Christian University in March 2007, she wrote, “In marriage, the feelings of the person concerned are important,” and “I hope that my sister’s wishes as an individual will be fulfilled,” expressing her feelings toward her sister, whose marriage to Kei Komuro was delayed for various reasons at the time.

She also expressed her feelings for her sister, whose marriage to Kei Komuro had been delayed for various reasons at the time. It was a step forward for a member of the royal family, and it drew some criticism, but I think that some people felt that it was ‘very characteristic’ of Kako to express her frank feelings to the public and the media.

In 2011, there were many occasions when Kako expressed her own opinions, such as when she lived alone in the former Gokagusho (the temporary residence of Prince Akishino during the renovation of the Akishino Palace) and gave a speech in which she stated that she was aiming for gender equality.

I hear that Kako herself intends not to marry until 2013, when her younger brother Eugene, 17, is scheduled to enter university. She will probably continue to perform her official duties for some time to come.

As an outspoken member of the royal family, Princess Kako will continue to hold fast to her beliefs in her last year of her twenties and set a course for her thirties.

A two-shot taken before she left the Imperial Family due to her marriage to Kei Komuro. The two were smiling together (published in December ’20).
In April ’15, she entered ICU. She spent a fulfilling student life, including a short-term study abroad program at the University of Leeds in the U.K. during her time at ICU.
In August 2011, she attended a national women’s baseball tournament at the Koshien Stadium in the scorching heat of the summer. She was dressed in a light one-piece dress.
The green one-piece dress looks good. The audience applauded her presentation on urban greening.
Unscheduled fan service】In September 2011, he landed at Tottori Airport to attend the Sign Language Koshien. Although he was unable to attend due to a new type of corona infection, he smiled and waved to the assembled fans.
The “interesting” suit and suit outfit of the actresses at the Chidorigafuchi War Cemetery in May 2011 showed her in a gray suit and skirt and her expression was very toned and firm.
She was beautiful as she waved her towel around to the tune of “ultra soul” by B’z.
Unpublished photograph of Princess Kako at the “Midori no ‘Wa’ Koryu-no-tsuwa” (exchange meeting for the exchange of Midori no ‘Wa’).
Unpublished photograph of Princess Kako at the “Midori no ‘Wa’ Koryu no Tsudoi” (exchange gathering for the “Midori no ‘Wa'”).

From the January 5 and 12, 2024 issues of FRIDAY

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