“Love-struck Woman” Model Maggie Dated “Blonde-haired Macho Man” in Omotesando, Said She Wanted to Have a Child “Afterward | FRIDAY DIGITAL

“Love-struck Woman” Model Maggie Dated “Blonde-haired Macho Man” in Omotesando, Said She Wanted to Have a Child “Afterward

23 years of love scoops: "After the love scoops," a "woman in love" and a "blond macho hottie.

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In January, we reported that model Maggie (31), known as a “woman in love,” was on a date with her “new boyfriend” in Omotesando. The other person is a “blond, macho, good-looking man. Let’s look back at the details based on the article we published on January 19. (Age and title in the article are current at the time of publication.)

What are you going to do if you don’t enjoy yourself now?”

Because she is true to this policy, Maggie (30) jumped into the arms of Ken Yokoyama (53) of “Hi-STANDARD,” who has a wife and child, and was not afraid to fall in love with martial artist Takeru (30) and racer Yu Kanemaru (28), who are risking their lives in their work. On this day, when the temperature was a little cooler, she was enjoying window shopping with a handsome blond macho man at Celine in Omotesando, and an acquaintance of Maggie’s said, “There has been a change in the heart of the ‘woman in love.

She became independent three years ago and her TV work has decreased, but financially she is not in trouble at all. That’s why I can attack someone who is ‘abnormally passionate about something,’ which is my preference, without worrying about their income. But people like that can be in a relationship, but they don’t make the ″girlfriend first″, so …… it doesn’t work out in the end.

That’s why Maggie seems to switch boyfriends so often. However, now that she has entered her thirties, she seems to have developed a desire to get married, and she has been leaking to those around her, ‘Lately, I’m feeling full of motherhood, and I want to have children. ‘ The Maggie who was so self-first? ‘Wouldn’t she be at less risk of being beaten up if she were single?’ Everyone was surprised!

I hope he is the type of person who will fulfill Maggie’s desires this time.

“I wish I could have a wedding where I could show myself as I really am,” she said.

On March 1, Maggie, who had told an acquaintance that she wanted to have children, updated her Instagram page. On March 1, she updated her Instagram page to show off a daring wedding dress that exposed her backside. Many fans were surprised, saying, “Is she getting married? In fact, this is the dress she wore when she appeared as the cover model for the March issue of “PLACOLE & DRESSY,” a wedding preparation app. In the interview article, when asked about her own wedding,

A solemn church or a cute chapel would be lovely, but I would be happy if I could have a wedding with natural tastes, where I could run out barefoot and show myself as I am. I hope it will be a time when the guests feel at home and close to each other, and when they can naturally overflow with smiles.

I answered. However, he added, “I’ve been making fewer appearances on TV and other media,

He has been traveling around the world for modeling and has been uploading videos about golf and cars on YouTube quite frequently. He is also quite busy with his own cosmetic brand “LAPERICUM. I don’t think she has much time to relax and fall in love.

(A reporter from a fashion magazine). It seems that the title of “woman in love” is still in her hands.

His own Instagram (from @maggymoon)
From @maggymoon’s Instagram
His own Instagram (from @maggymoon)
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