Hitoshi Matsumoto denies the affair allegations, but is “stingy” with his money. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hitoshi Matsumoto denies the affair allegations, but is “stingy” with his money.

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Downtown” Hitoshi Matsumoto was reported to have had an affair. The “extravaganza” took place at a luxury hotel. ……

On December 26, the electronic version of the Weekly Bunshun (Japanese weekly magazine) reported that Matsumoto Hitoshi of the comedy duo “Downtown” had an affair with several women at a luxury hotel.

According to Bunshun, the women came up with the idea of making an accusation in response to reports of sexual assault by Johnny’s. The attendants were the comedy duo “Speedo.

The attendant was Kazutaka Ozawa of the comedy duo Speedwagon, who summoned the three women to a luxury hotel and confiscated their smartphones, apparently with an expert touch to prevent evidence from being taken. The three men were Matsumoto, Ozawa, and X, a broadcaster who was Matsumoto’s confidant.

Ozawa called it a game, pairing the men and women so that they were each paired one-on-one in a room, and when 15 minutes elapsed, he would turn the women around and put them in charge of the three of them.

When the 15 minutes were up, he would turn the women around and have sex with all three of them, telling them to “have my baby. The article does not seem to indicate consensual sexual intercourse. ……

When a woman pointed this out to him, he told her that “women change when they give birth. What was even more surprising was that Matsumoto gave each of the women 10,000 yen as cab fare after the event.

Leaving aside ethical considerations, Matsumoto can only be described as a “cheapskate” for having sexual intercourse with the women and then giving them only 10,000 yen for the cab fare. When Ken Watanabe of the comedy duo Un-jash had a “toilet affair,” he also came under fire for giving only 10,000 yen to a woman.

In Matsumoto’s case, it was indeed a luxury hotel, but for Matsu-chan, who reigns at the top of the comedy world, 10,000 yen is not so bad. ……

For whatever reason, after the affair was reported, Watabe was invited to the year-end special of “Downtown no Gaki no Tsukasa ya Aahenden! (NTV) year-end special in which Matsumoto would appear.

Matsumoto assured Watabe that he would not appear on the show.

(NTV). In a sense, Matsumoto prevented Watabe from making an important comeback.

Now, however, it was Matsumoto’s turn to be criticized by the public for the same “10,000-yen affair.

Yoshimoto Kogyo responded to the article on the 27th

The article is a serious defamation of the celebrity’s reputation in society, and we are considering legal action. We plan to consider legal action in the future.

The company has denied this.

However, unlike his partner, Masanori Hamada, who gave 300,000 yen to his adulterous partner on four occasions, Matsumoto only paid 10,000 yen if the article is correct. What will Matsumoto have to say on the matter?

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