Snow Man” has a record number of viewers⁉The big year-end distribution event of the old Johnny’s is attracting a lot of attention. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Snow Man” has a record number of viewers⁉The big year-end distribution event of the old Johnny’s is attracting a lot of attention.

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Members of “Snow Man” from left to right: Teru Iwamoto (30), Ren Meguro (26), Raoul (20), Ryohei Abe (30), Shota Watanabe (31), Ryota Miyadate (30), Koji Mukai (29), Daisuke Sakuma (31), Tatsuya Fukazawa (31)

Although the former Johnny’s’s office (SMILE-UP.) will not have any of its talents participate in the NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen on New Year’s Eve for the first time in 44 years, a number of its groups have announced that they will hold their own events on New Year’s Eve.

The four groups “Snow Man,” “King & Prince,” “Naniwa Boys,” and “Kis-My-Ft2 (Kiss My)” will be broadcasting over New Year’s, and “WEST.,” which changed its name from “Johnny’s WEST,” will be broadcasting live on their YouTube channel. In addition, “Hey! Say! JUMP” will hold an additional performance at Tokyo Dome, which had been held as the venue for their annual “Johnny’s Countdown Live” since it will not be held.

As of December 24, “Kiss Mai” announced that they will start streaming on their official YouTube channel at 23:00. Naniwa” has not announced details such as the start time of the streaming. The first part of “Kimpuri” will be streamed live on the official YouTube channel at midnight, the second part will be released on the members’ site at 4 p.m., and the third part will be streamed live on “FAMILY CULB online” at 11:30 p.m. The second and third parts can only be viewed by becoming a member of the fan club. The second and third parts cannot be viewed without becoming a member of the fan club.

In contrast, “Snow Man” is the fat one. The live broadcast will be held on their official YouTube channel, which can be viewed for free. From 8:30 to 10 p.m. is the “live part. After that, a “countdown talk corner” will be broadcast until midnight, with a break until 11:45 pm.

Fans of each popular group will watch the broadcast without paying attention to Kohaku, and fans of JUMP who are lucky enough to get tickets will visit Tokyo Dome, but what is attracting attention is the total number of viewers.

According to Video Research, the total number of viewers for last year’s Kohaku was 3,034,000 for the first part, which began airing at 7:20 PM, and 3,377,000 for the second part, which began airing at 9 PM.

The total number of members of the old Johnny’s fan club is said to be 13 million, but the actual number is much smaller than that because many fans signed up for several units under different names by one person. It will be far less than the number of viewers of Kohaku.

However, on November 3, ’20, Arashi’s live concert “ARASHI Arafes 2020,” which was held without an audience, is said to have been viewed by about 5 million people on a pay-per-view basis. If the total number of viewers for all the groups’ performances is added up, the number is expected to exceed this figure.

If the total number of viewers exceeds 5 million, it would be enough to threaten Kohaku and other terrestrial broadcasts. TV station personnel are said to be closely watching the results of this distribution. Among them, “Snow Man,” which was distributed free of charge, is expected to increase the total number of viewers, but at the same time, it is also expected to break a certain record.

The record for the most simultaneous viewers of a live stream on YouTube. On July 7 of this year, former “Kimpuri” members Shiyoh Hirano (26) and Yuta Jinguji (26) announced on their YouTube channel that they would be joining former Johnny’s vice president Hideaki Takizawa (41)’s “TOBE. The number of simultaneous connections for that distribution was 1.03 million, the second largest in Japan’s history, and even exceeded the 910,000 subscribers to the channel at the time.

The all-time record was set by former NEWS member Yuya Tegoshi, who left Johnny’s in June ’20, with 1.32 million subscribers at the time, and Snow Man had 2.95 million subscribers (as of the 22nd). (The same)

After the announcement of Snow Man’s live broadcast, member Ren Meguro (26) posted on his Instagram: “Let’s make the best New Year’s Eve with the 9 of us!  You won’t regret it! We’ll make it right!” The message “It’s like a declaration of war against Kohaku” became a topic of conversation.

Will Snow Man really be “right” by setting a new record? All eyes will be on them on New Year’s Eve.

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The whole group starred in the movie “Osomatsu-san” (March ’22).
Meguro Ren is the most popular member of the group. Her popularity became nationwide with the drama “silent”.
Raoul, the youngest member of the group, is 190 cm tall and has appeared at the Paris Collection as a fashion model (at a Mos Burger event in March 2010).
Shota Watanabe is also famous as a beauty geek. He has many offers from beauty magazines.
Daisuke Sakuma is known as an “Anita”. Recently, he has been active as a voice actor.
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