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I wonder if there is no pharmacy… “Sexual assault” report Hitoshi Matsumoto “junior comedians hit on women” pick-up and party scene photos

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Hitoshi Matsumoto (front row, left) ransacks a girl from the car, Hiroyuki Miyasako in the back seat (April 4, ’03 issue).

’23 The December27, 2003 issue of Shukan Bunshun carried the shocking title, “One night of terror with Hitoshi Matsumoto: ‘Have my baby! The shocking title of the article was “Speed Wagon” and “Kosaka”.

According to the article, several women were summoned to a luxury hotel by Kazutaka Ozawa of “Speed Wagon” and sexually assaulted by three men: Hitoshi Matsumoto of “Downtown”, Ozawa, and a male broadcaster who was an old friend of Matsumoto.

According to the article, in the winter of 2003, Ozawa, whom the women met at a work-related drinking party, invited them to a drinking party at a hotel, where Matsumoto forced them to perform sexual acts on him.

Another woman was also reported to have been sexually assaulted by Matsumoto three months earlier. Another woman was also reportedly sexually assaulted by Matsumoto three months earlier.

Matsumoto has never been known to have approached a woman on his own, whether it be for a drink or to pick up women, since he was young,” said Ozawa. He has his junior comedians ask for women, and then he comes out as if he is the ‘star of the show'” (source from a commercial variety show production).

FRIDAY ” has often witnessed Matsumoto and his junior comedians picking up girls and going to blind dates. Let us look back at the circumstances of those occasions.

Chihara Jr. negotiates with Matsumoto and takes him back to the apartment for a secret meeting.

In mid-March 2003 It was after 1:00 a.m. in the middle of March 2003. A group of five office workers came out of a Kyoto-style restaurant near Daikanyama (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo). Soon after, from the same restaurant appeared Matsumoto and Hiroyuki Miyasako, Chihara Jr. of “The Chihara Brothers,” and Mizutama Reppu-tai. and Aki from “Mizutama Reckuputai.

They surrounded Matsumoto as if they were SPs, and Matsumoto, not even looking at them, started walking with his big feet. At the end of the street, Matsumoto’s car was parked, and they all got in. Then the car slowly approaches the girls and Matsumoto starts whispering with Aki, pointing at the girls as if he is inspecting them. Then Chihara Jr. gets out of the car and calls out to the girls. Soon a deal is struck and the two girls are in Matsumoto’s car. The other three went to a family restaurant in a cab.

None of the women entered the restaurant, perhaps out of caution. Here, Chihara Jr. persistently began to seduce the girls. In the end, two of the girls left on the spot, but the remaining three went into an apartment owned by Matsumoto just around the corner from the family restaurant,” said a reporter who covered the event for this magazine at the time.

There was also this. It took place in Hakata, Fukuoka Prefecture. At around 8 p.m. in late January 2011, Matsumoto and Miyasako, accompanied by several junior comedians, entered a private karaoke bar in Nakasu. After a delay, a group of beautiful women, some of whom looked like cabaret girls and others like female college students, entered the restaurant one after another.

Ten to fifteen girls were called together by the organizer, a comedian from Fukuoka. It seems that Matsumoto-san and Miyasako-san were in Hakata on a private visit that day,” said an acquaintance of one of the women in attendance.

Shortly after midnight, Matsumoto left the restaurant with two junior comedians. The destination was a convenience store. Inside the store, Matsumoto said,

“I don’t have any. There is a Lawson over there, too. I wonder if they have a pharmacy.

He complained, “I wonder if they have a pharmacy. From there, we went to several convenience stores. After a few more, a junior comedian who had rushed in first told Matsumoto, “Oh, there it is! He indicated the box in his hand with a relieved look on his face. It was a popular brand of condoms.

After leaving the convenience store, the three checked into a luxury hotel in the city. One beautiful woman also entered the hotel by the hour. She was wearing a brand-name red bag and slender legs peeking out from her navy blue knee-highs. She was in her mid-twenties and looked like a cabaret girl. I looked closely and saw that she was the same girl I had seen at the karaoke bar.

After that, the two juniors checked into a hotel with Matsumoto, returned to the karaoke bar, and headed back to the hotel with the beautiful girl for Miyasako. Miyasako has a wife and child, so perhaps wary of the media, the junior comedians checked each of the cars parked nearby and stood guard in front of the hotel for a long time after dropping the girl off at the hotel,” said a reporter who covered the event for this magazine at the time.

If Matsumoto was single at the time and had obtained the consent of the women, there would be no problem with these acts themselves.

However, the content of the “Shukan Bunshun” report is clearly “sexual assault. On December 27, 2011, Yoshimoto Kogyo, to which Matsumoto belongs, released a statement on its official website,

The article is a serious defamation of the talent in question and has seriously damaged his reputation in the society.

The article is a complete denial of the allegations. We will keep an eye on future developments.

Hitoshi Matsumoto (right), Chihara Jr. (in sunglasses), Aki from “Mizutama Reckless Squad” and Hiroyuki Miyasako (left) coming out of a bar (April 4, ’03 issue).
Chihara Jr. (left in black cap) persuades the girls. Hitoshi Matsumoto (front row, left) ransacks a girl from the car, Hiroyuki Miyasako in the back seat (April 4, ’03 issue).
Hitoshi Matsumoto and Hiroshi Shimohata of “Patapata Mama” roam the night streets of Nakasu (Fukuoka City) (February 18, ’11 issue).
Matsumoto and Shimohata hustling at a convenience store looking for condoms (Feb. 18, ’11 issue).
A junior comedian buys a condom for Matsumoto (February 18, 2011 issue)
After leaving the karaoke bar, a beautiful cabaret-style girl headed for the hotel where Matsumoto was staying (February 18, 2011 issue).
Miyasako leaving the karaoke bar five hours after Matsumoto left, and Shimobata returning after dropping Matsumoto off at his hotel (February 18, 2011 issue).
Women leaving the karaoke bar after Miyasako and the others left. The woman in the center is heading to the hotel where Miyasako stayed with Shimobata (February 18, 2011 issue).
  • PHOTO Toshihiro Nakaikawa (1st-3rd), Kojiro Yamada (4th, 6th), Junsei Todoroki (5th, 7th, 8th, 9th)

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