Forced sex with girls repeatedly at home…… “Too lenient sentence” handed down to former elementary school teacher | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Forced sex with girls repeatedly at home…… “Too lenient sentence” handed down to former elementary school teacher

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The defendant is sentenced to five years and six months imprisonment.

When Judge Toshihiro Homma handed down the sentence, the father of the defendant left the courtroom without hearing the reason for the sentence.

On December 4, 2023, Hiroki Mizunuma, 31, a former elementary school teacher accused of forcible sexual intercourse with a girl under 13, was sentenced at the Matsudo Branch of the Chiba District Court.

Mizunuma was charged with forcible sexual intercourse.

During the trial, Mizunuma was also charged with violating the Child Pornography Law by storing child pornography on his cell phone. During the investigation of the forced sexual intercourse with Ms. A, the police seized her cell phone, which led to the discovery of the crime. The two videos identified as incidents were both uncensored videos of girls around the age of 10 engaging in sexual acts with men.

Mizunuma told the police that he was “not allowed to possess child pornography.

I knew that it was illegal to possess child pornography. However, I saved my favorite videos (on my cell phone) because I didn’t want to have to download them over and over again.”

Around October of last year, when the videos were obtained, Mizunuma was still teaching. After his arrest, during police questioning, when asked if he felt guilty about saving illegal videos of children the same age as his students, Mizunuma replied, “I obtained the videos solely to relieve my sexual desire, and I did not feel guilty about it. I felt a certain sense of immorality and excitement by looking at them,” which is hard to believe for a person who was teaching. He also sent videos of himself masturbating and images of his genitalia to Ms. A, and persistently urged her to send him obscene images of herself.

It was revealed during the trial that Mizunuma had engaged in sexual and obscene acts on 10 to 15 occasions between November 2010 and January of this year. He had laid out a mat in the hallway and removed his wedding ring while performing the sexual acts because “in the living room or bedroom, I would think about my wife and son, and that would make me feel guilty.”

As an elementary school teacher, Mizunuma taught sex education classes, but his awareness of sexual risk prevention for Ms. A was astonishingly lacking, as she engaged in sexual intercourse without wearing a contraceptive.

When asked by the lawyer representing the victim’s family, What were you going to do if she got pregnant?” and “As a minor, wasn’t there a possibility that she could have been seriously injured, such as her uterus rupturing during sexual intercourse? I didn’t think that far ahead,” he simply repeated the irresponsible answer.

Defendant Mizunuma at the time of his arrest (some images have been doctored)

Ms. A’s mother recounted her shock when she found out about the incident at the trial, and her voice shook as she said, “The defendant clearly treated my daughter not as a person, but as an object. Ms. A still has not been able to sort out her feelings, saying that she “might have liked” the defendant Mizunuma. She blamed herself for the fact that Mizunuma had been arrested for talking to the police, and even began self-harming at times. Touching on these issues, she expressed her anger as follows

According to experts, this is a typical grooming brainwashing situation.

Regarding the seizure of pedophile-oriented manga from Mizunuma’s home, “The defendant had collected pedophile-oriented manga since he was a student and brought them to his new home. He vehemently denounced that he had entered a profession in which pedophiles should never become pedophiles.

The verdict was handed down on December 4. Mizunuma, who had a shaved head that was about to grow long, appeared in court with his hair cut side and back to near the top of his head. Judge Honma sentenced him to five years and six months in prison, in contrast to the six years requested by the prosecution.

He stated the reasons for the sentence : “The physical and mental pain the victim has suffered is great, and she continues to be in a mentally unstable state.

Meanwhile, Mizunuma just stared at the judge.

During the trial, he told the prosecution, “You were a teacher, so you knew that minors are immature in their judgment regarding sexual matters. You also knew that it was necessary to guide them correctly, didn’t you?” When asked, Mizunuma replied, “I really lacked common sense. I ran to satisfy my own desires,” he replied emphatically.

Since no appeal was filed by December 19, the sentence became final. From now on, defendant Mizunuma will serve his time and spend his days in prison.

  • Interview and text by Ryo Nakahira Photo: Shinji Hasuo Shinji Hasuo

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