A Close Look at the Emergency Meeting of “Private Arrest YouTubers”… Why They Think They Are “Misunderstood”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A Close Look at the Emergency Meeting of “Private Arrest YouTubers”… Why They Think They Are “Misunderstood”.

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Sneaking into a meeting of private YouTubers! The meeting was heated.

These “public correctors/patrolling YouTubers” make their living by posting videos on YouTube and X (formerly Twitter) of them catching molesters and voyeurs and handing them over to police officers and station employees.

While their videos and posts receive many supportive comments, they are often criticized for going too far, and there are a tremendous number of posts on X (formerly Twitter) criticizing their actions.

In fact, their members, Purgatory Koroaki and Guts CH, have been arrested, and the public is very much against them, saying that they are “after all in it for the money” and “just trying to show off.

Amidst such headwinds, I heard that they were going to have a meeting about their future activities as privately arrested YouTubers, and I decided to sit in on their meeting.

Gathered at a certain place in Shinjuku were people including “Funaimu,” who was arrested as the main suspect in a special fraud. The other participants included “Super Dominator” of the “Super Dominator” channel, which advocates the eradication of molestation and voyeurism, “Soshi” of the same channel, “Hakkun” who was editing videos of privately arrested activists, and “Black Comet,” whose activity is to point out criminal acts.

With the ostentatious gathering, the meeting began with Mr. Funaim serving as the facilitator.

The two topics discussed at the meeting were as follows

1. About the arrest of a YouTuber who is a private citizen.
2. About the strong winds in the world.

Here are their thoughts on these two themes.

Funaim: First of all, frankly, I would like to talk about the arrest of two people, Mr. Koroaki in Purgatory and Mr. Guts CH.

Super Dominator: I think it would be better to announce them in the order in which they were involved, so how about starting with the black comet?

Funaimu: Then Kuro-chan (Black Comet), Hachikun, Soushi-kun, and Super Dominator, in that order, please.

Black Comet: I am sorry to hear about your arrest, but being arrested means that you are definitely doing something wrong, so it cannot be helped. I hope you will “reflect on your actions.”

Hakkun: I did not know that when Mr. Guts of Guts CH was caught for drug abetment, he instructed his victims to bring drugs to him. I was surprised because I thought that such crimes were something that the other party would come on to you. As long as you live in Japan, you should obey the law. Since the police are there to arrest private citizens, I was reminded of the importance of cooperation with the police.

Then: My first thought was to review the law and make sure I am not mistaken. I now want to study the law and know that I am not mistaken in my activities.

Super Dominator: First of all, I regret the arrest of the two men. However, I hope they will atone for their crimes. As for Koroaki, everyone around me said that he should not have posted the video without mosaic. I guess he still did it. As for Mr. Nakajima’s case, I am more disappointed. Guts CH is a channel to eradicate molestation and voyeurism, and this arrest was for drug abetment, which has nothing to do with molestation or voyeurism. The public will see it as a crime committed for the sake of a video. That is unfortunate. For my part, I would like to think carefully about how to respond after Mr. Nakajima is released from prison.

Hnaim: I am sorry too, to be honest. What I want you to understand is that we both have different beliefs. Mr. Koroaki would be a number. Koroaki-san was trying to deter crime by making his activities prominent. In his pursuit of numbers, he went too far and went out of control. As for Mr. Guts, he was trying to eradicate molesters in the world. Anyway, he had the conviction to fix the world. We also wanted to destroy methamphetamine, but we went about it the wrong way. I am sure that he has done something that cannot be justified as a mistake, so I hope that he will atone for his crime and come back in a different form. It is certain that they did not learn enough about the law in response to the arrest of a private individual. Still, the only thing that is true is their desire to eradicate crime.

Super Dominator: We have to tell them that they had conviction, but they did the crime in the wrong way.

Funaimu: Mr. Nakajima is not doing this for profit. Profit is important, but more than that, he had conviction. He was doing this action because he wanted to help people in need. We have to tell people about our efforts outside of the screen.

Hunaim: Next, then. Regarding the fact that the world is actually very windy. Some say it’s about money and publicity, and there is a lot of slander. What is your opinion on that?

Black Comet: Personally, I don’t care, but I think the current situation is inevitable. I don’t care about numbers or anything, so I genuinely want people to see and know about my activities.

Funaimu: You don’t mind at all? Are you okay with it?

Black Com et: Yes. If I were wrong, I would be arrested. I do what I do because I think my actions are right. Also, I don’t want to cause trouble for the public, so I am careful about that.

Funaimu: We are collectively referred to as a “private arresting type,” how do you feel about that?

Black Comet: I used to be in GUTSCH, but I am not a private person. As for activities, I am an alert and patrol type.

FN: Thank you very much. You are lumped together, but in reality you are not. Now, please ask HAKKUN.

Hakkun: I learn a lot from X’s points, but as for slander, I simply think, ‘That’s gross. I feel what is there to do with such things, and things like ‘die’ are over the top. If it was a child or something, I would understand, but I don’t think there is a future for it, because good old men and so on are hitting on me.

FNIM: OK (laughs). Now then, Mr. Soshi.

Soshi: When I think about it, we are not doing anything wrong, we are just saving people, so I don’t mind the wind. I myself am often told that I didn’t receive compulsory education, but I believe that those who utter such words have not received moral lessons.

Super Dominator: I am the one who gets the most slander. Including pointing out things. But I don’t care. After all, they can only get their jollies in print and on the Internet, so I don’t think they should be licked, regardless of their age. What I want them to stop doing is attacking those who support them. I just can’t tolerate that.

Funaimu: I have a great number of antagonists too. At first I was angry too, but the more I saw it, the more I became grateful. People are spending their time to beat me up and feel better. If that makes the antis feel better, I think this is also a good thing for the world. I don’t think it’s necessary to be angry at the antagonists. People who say things like “die” are offensive and I can’t talk to them, but those who tweet critically or give me their opinions are looking at me, and I appreciate it.

SUPERDOMINATOR: Pure slander really doesn’t mean anything, but if it’s an opinion, I’ll look at it.

Hnaim: Yes. I sometimes think about my actions based on people’s opinions. I always appreciate comments, etc. I think it is meaningful to send out information. If people remember my posts (tweets) and don’t fall for scams, that’s fine. So I think it is important to reduce the number of scams as a result, even if it is windy.

In listening to the conversation in the same room, it seems that they do not like the fact that they are lumped together with YouTubers who are privately arrested because of the arrests of their friends, Koroaki Purgatory and Gutsch.

In fact, they feel that they are being misunderstood because of Koroaki and Gutsch, and they feel a strong antipathy toward them.

In order to break out of this situation, they would like to actively increase their appearances in the media and eliminate the misunderstanding of YouTubers who are privately arrested.

Part 2: “I have no intention of quitting,” the privately arrested YouTubers said in shock about their future plans! Continue to Part 2

Mr. Hunaim, who was facilitating the meeting
Mr. Hakkun, who said that for a while he was working together with Gutsch, who was arrested
Mr. Black Comet, who is trying to deter crimes by paying attention to them
Mr. Super Dominator, who is working to privately arrest voyeurs
Mr. Soshi, who is working with Mr. Super Dominator
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