Did you have any experience with a woman before you were a victim? The “SMILE-UP.” interview, the ex-junior was asked “surprising questions. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Did you have any experience with a woman before you were a victim? The “SMILE-UP.” interview, the ex-junior was asked “surprising questions.

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The “Association of the Parties” has completely stopped appearing in front of the media because of the danger to themselves from slander. ……

Looking back on the news of 2011, it is impossible to talk about it without mentioning the series of reports on the issue of sexual assault by the late Mr. Janney Kitagawa.

The BBC’s broadcast of “Predator” in March 2011 triggered a series of victims to come forward with their real names. Among them, the “Association of Parties to the Problem of Sexual Assault by Johnny’s,” headed by Junya Hiramoto, was covered by many media outlets as the main axis of the confrontation structure. Although the group had a strong presence by influencing the United Nations and communicating their arguments at press conferences, they have now completely disappeared.

On the other hand, Yasushi Hashida, a dancer who was not a member of the association but worked as an individual, wrote in his X,

I have signed the agreement and completed the whole process, and now I am at peace with it.

He is actively communicating his intentions, such as by reporting in his own X. (former Johnny’s) has agreed to the compensation plan presented by “SMILE-UP. On December 1, 2011, the company announced on its official website that it had agreed with 30 of the 35 victims whose sexual assaults had been verified, and that it had paid compensation to 23 of them. The company is continuing to interview victims and is moving full steam ahead with relief procedures.

However, according to one former junior who was interviewed, there were times when he was puzzled by the questions asked.

He said, “They focused on the damage and the aftereffects. I think that is natural, but Mr. Janney also asked me about the age, frequency, and duration of the damage. One of the questions was, ‘Did you have any experience with women before the damage was done?’ ……

I am wondering how this affects compensation. In other words, will I receive less compensation if I have had experience with women? The more I think about it, the less I understand. That question itself was sexual harassment for me, though. ……”

The man had also requested a meeting with President Noriyuki Higashiyama, but this has not yet been realized, according to the company, as it is still being coordinated.

While compensation payments have been completed for some victims, the “Association of the Parties” continues to show no signs of movement. According to an official of the association,

“We requested that we be included in ‘SMILE-UP.’ in order to provide relief that is close to the victims, and if we receive compensation, that possibility will be lost. Therefore, we have not even applied for an interview.

I told them. He also said, “It’s all about the money!” Shimon Ishimaru, the deputy representative who was criticized for his statement, also has a troubling problem. ……

Mr. Ishimaru was worried that if he received compensation, his welfare would be stopped. SMILE-UP.’ seems to be offering a conscientious amount of compensation.

Hiramoto and Ishimaru said that they wanted to join “SMILE-UP.” Due to differences in their views, former “Ninja” member Yasunobu Shiga, former junior member Yukihiro Oshima, and former “Kis-My-Fit2” member Kyohei Iida left the group, causing a split in the group. They are now working together as a “breakaway group.

The “Association of the Parties” has received so many slanderous comments that they have stopped holding press conferences and sending out messages in order to protect themselves. The media can’t report on it either. It is very likely that the public will forget about it. From now on, it seems that they are trying to become a receptacle for victims who cannot prove their enrollment in Johnny’s…” (Reporter from a national newspaper)

The issue of compensation for victims who cannot prove their enrollment is an important issue for “SMILE-UP.”, and it is possible that the association will be the focus of renewed attention. What kind of message will they send at that time? We cannot take our eyes off this issue for the next 24 years.

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Noriyuki Higashiyama continues his efforts to help victims as president of “SMILE-UP.
Yoshihiko Inohara, COO of “STARTO ENTERTAINMENT” as of December 8, 2011.
Keiko Fujishima Julie, who has not been seen since her last press conference on September 7, 2011.
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