In Memoriam 2023: Ryutaro Ueoka, a Co-Star Who Gave Nine Compliments for Every One Bad Comment | FRIDAY DIGITAL

In Memoriam 2023: Ryutaro Ueoka, a Co-Star Who Gave Nine Compliments for Every One Bad Comment

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Ryutaro Kamioka
Died on May 19 at the age of 81

Since the 1990s, Ryutaro Ueoka had said, “My art will last until the 20th century. True to his words, he retired from show business in 2000.

Former TV personality Ryutaro Ueoka (81 years old) passed away on May 19, 2011. In 1960, he formed the “Manzai Trio” and dominated the world with his trio manzai. He was active as a TV show host, radio talker, and comic storyteller with his fluent delivery, but retired from show business in April 2000, the 40th anniversary of his show business career.

TV personality Mari Okabe, who co-hosted a program with Mr. Ueoka in the past, talks about the true face of Mr. Ueoka.

When you actually meet and interact with Mr. Ueoka, he is a completely different person from the public image of him. He does not have a poisonous tongue or a difficult personality. I first met Mr. Ueoka in 1989 when he appeared in a popular TV program called “No Knocking! (Kansai Television) in 1989. Ueoka-san greets his co-stars more politely than anyone else on the show and eases their tension.

Mr. Ueoka was also a very open and honest person. He co-starred in “Detective! Night Scoop” (Asahi Broadcasting Corporation), which we co-starred in, there was no microphone when we were watching the VTR, but Mr. Ueoka would make sharp comments while watching the VTR. I thought it was a waste that the microphone was not on. Night Scoop” is a short program, but Mr. Ueoka calculated the time well, and I felt that he was a true professional.

For every one criticism he gave, he gave nine compliments. He made everyone he interacted with feel good about themselves. He makes everyone involved miss his goodbyes. He was a cool person all the way to the end, with brilliant tricks and a clean exit.

From the December 29, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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