In Memoriam ’23: I’m So Glad I Met You] “KAN-chan, I Don’t Think She Would Have Liked It,” Kuniko Yamada Tells Behind-the-Scenes Story | FRIDAY DIGITAL

In Memoriam ’23: I’m So Glad I Met You] “KAN-chan, I Don’t Think She Would Have Liked It,” Kuniko Yamada Tells Behind-the-Scenes Story

I am so glad to have met you." Farewell words to that person who departed for heaven.

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Died on November 12 at the age of 61

KAN’s songs have cheered me up many times.
Kuniko Yamada (TV personality)

KAN sang “Ai wa katsuyoshi” (Love Wins), which became a big hit, selling over 2 million copies, on a nationwide tour.
At the launch of the tour. Posing with the members for the “Kimari” pose. He said, “I finally have three days off, so I want to go to Shanghai.”

KAN (61 years old), a singer and songwriter, passed away on November 12, 2011. His single “Love Will Win” sold 2 million copies and became one of the most popular songs of the ’90s. A year after its release, the song became a big hit when it was used as the ending theme song for “Kuni’s Yada Natteiru TV” (Fuji Television Network). The TV personality Kuniko Yamada, who performed the song with him on the program and was his “friend,” talks about him.

I don’t think KAN-chan liked it at first.
Kuniko Yamada, TV personality

I still remember the way KAN-chan played the piano with all her might, using her whole body and heart. His songs, including “Love Will Win,” have given me energy and courage many times.

My first encounter with KAN-chan was through “Kuni’s Yadagata na Nai TV” (Fuji Television Network). When he was still unknown, he used “Love Wins” as an insert song for the show, and I sang that song as a replacement song, “Love is Chicken Cutlet. I don’t think KAN liked it at first. However, the dubbed song got a tremendous response, and “Love Wins” became a big hit as well, so he himself started humming the dubbed song. In the end, I think he forgave me.

When we did “Yamakatsu Wink,” a tribute to “Wink,” as part of the program, KAN composed the song “Sayonara but not goodbye. She actually played the piano for all of our practices and rehearsals.

She was really kind, gracious, and wonderful. After the show ended, we never saw each other again, but KAN said she wanted to be French, so I am sure she fulfilled her dream by becoming French in heaven.

I wanted to sing “Sayonara but not goodbye” with KAN-chan on the piano once again.

From the December 29, 2023 issue of FRIDAY


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