Nanako Aizawa, a popular grad student, tastes and recommends “22 Selected Poka-Poka Goods” that really warm up your body and soul! 22 Selected Poka-Poka Goods that Really Warm Up the Body and Soul! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nanako Aizawa, a popular grad student, tastes and recommends “22 Selected Poka-Poka Goods” that really warm up your body and soul! 22 Selected Poka-Poka Goods that Really Warm Up the Body and Soul!

2023 Best Buys for Winter

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In the middle of the season, the cold weather is beginning to set in. At such times, what comes in handy are idea products that provide food you want to eat in winter and keep your body warm. Here is a list of useful items carefully selected by experts!

You can have a home party with your friends. Oh, the yakitori is warm and delicious. It’s going to make our drinks go down a storm!”

Nanako Aizawa, 27, a popular gravure idol

1) Nisenbero maker
Ryson 6980 yen

A luxurious version of the hit home-drinking goods “Senbero Maker. The electric heater that holds the searing net and hot pot has been doubled in length. The range of usage has been expanded to allow for enjoyment by two or more people. The price is also a bargain at only about 1,000 yen more than the Senbero.

Sake Heater “Nobeye Yokocho
Mitsutani Denki 7,480 yen

Tokugaru, cups of sake, and amazake can be put directly into this device and heated over a hot water bath. The temperature control function allows you to keep the sake warm while drinking it at the table and enjoying it in the evening. If I had such a convenient item at home, I would get drunk even by myself,” says Aizawa.

Noodle Container
Thermos 4950 yen

This soup mug, released in August of this year, allows you to carry noodles and soup separately. The noodles do not stretch because they are separated. It can be used to enjoy hot udon or soba noodles in winter and cold noodles in summer. Delicious! It doesn’t lose its taste as well as temperature,” says Aizawa.

4) Ondozone Nekotsu Senka Mug
Doushisha 3278 yen

Even a hot drink lowers to a drinkable temperature in about 3 minutes. After that, the temperature lasts for about an hour. It is ideal for teleworkers as it does not get cold easily, and people with cat tongues can drink with peace of mind. The cap with silicone prevents dust and dirt from getting in.

5) Electric Seiro Steamer Mushi Zammai
Apics International 8,800 yen

You can easily enjoy authentic steamed food at home. Also good for reheating store-bought steamed meat buns and siumai. It comes with a timer function. Steaming meat removes oil from the meat, making it healthier to eat. It is also perfect for cooking hot vegetables.

6) Two-stage rice cooker in the shape of a rice bowl, “Takiitate Donburi” (rice bowl with rice cooked in a bowl)
Sanko 5980 yen

This rice cooker can be used as a rice bowl without removing the container in which the rice is cooked, and has a two-layer structure that allows for simultaneous heating and steaming of retort pouches. It takes about 15 minutes to cook 0.5 cups of rice. Cooking can be done on the tabletop, and the container is easy to wash, making it a hassle-free item.

Nanako Aizawa, 27, a popular gravure idol, is looking pleased with her oden (oden) and hot sake. She is warming her yakitori with the heater of the “Nisenbero Maker,” a cooking item for home-drinking. It is twice as long as the one-person “Senbero Maker,” which was a big hit at the end of 2008, and can be used by two or more people with friends or lovers. It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as roasting ray fins.

It is now mid-December and the weather has suddenly turned colder. Introduced here are affordable cooking items and warming goods that can warm both body and soul. The three experts below have carefully selected these items, and Mr. Aizawa has tested and recommends them. Mr. Daiki Tsuji of the editorial department of MONOQLO, a mono-critic magazine, explains this winter’s trends.

This year, I feel that manufacturers are putting a lot of effort into kitchen appliances. Perhaps the new Corona has helped the self-cooking culture take root, or perhaps more people want to enjoy meals at home instead of eating out. With electricity prices soaring, saving electricity seems to be one of the themes. Rather than using air conditioners and other devices to raise the temperature of an entire room, there is a growing interest in goods that warm a part of the body.

One of the goods that Mr. Aizawa highly recommends is the “Sock Supplement: As if it were a kotatsu sock.

They are fuzzy, but they feel very soft on the skin. The tight ankle part raises the body temperature comfortably. Once you wear them, you will never want to be without them.

A special weaving technique warms the part of the ankle where the sanyin-kyo, a pressure point on the ankle, is located by means of thermal stimulation. Yuki Takita of the public relations office of the lifestyle goods specialty store “Loft” tells us, “Until now, women have been buying these products, but now they are so popular that they have become a necessity for women.

Until now, women have been buying these products, but in recent years they have become popular among men as well. Every year, they are in short supply. Many men love them because they make it easy to stay warm at home.

Kurumiket, an electric blanket that can be worn, is also a favorite of Aizawa.

“It’s so warm,” he says, “you can’t help but let out a spontaneous squeal. I naturally squeal. The feeling of being in a kotatsu is the best! If you put your feet in the pockets at the bottom, it becomes like a sleeping bag. I hope you will use it.

Haru Kuramoto, a home appliance writer, introduces the characteristics of the “Kurumi Kette.

It has an electric heating wire in the front side and has the catchphrase “wearable kotatsu. It has a timer and the temperature can be adjusted. There are pockets on the chest and waist to carry small items. If you remove the controller, you can wash the whole unit, which makes it easy to keep clean.

There are many other recommended goods. We hope that the table below will help you stay warm during the year-end and New Year holidays.

(7) Sock supplement: As if it were a kotatsu sock
Okamoto, 1980 yen

These socks use a special knitting technique to warm the ankle pressure point, Sanyin-ko, through thermal stimulation. These socks were a breakout hit for women, but recently men’s socks have become popular as well. The socks are so soft on the skin that you don’t feel like you are wearing them at all. They are so comfortable that you become addicted to them.

8) Kurumi Kett YAPP-401AC
Yamazen 11,800 yen

This is a wearable electric blanket that claims to be a “wearable kotatsu. Even if used for eight hours a day, the monthly electricity bill is only about ¥192. It is conveniently designed with a zippered slit that can be adjusted to fit your stride and a foot pocket to prevent the bottom of the blanket from getting cold.

⑨Carbonation source bathtub tablet milky white
SCOPEDOG236 550 yen

A quasi-drug carbonation tablet containing hot spring ingredients and natural botanical extracts. The fine carbonation enhances the effects of a warm bath. The bubbles keep coming out and absorb into the skin. It leaves the skin moist and smooth. It feels great.

Pillow pad (N-Warm BE A2310)
Nitori 699 yen

This pillow pad uses a moisture-absorbing, heat-generating material that converts moisture emitted from the body into heat. It features gradual warming from the part that touches the skin. The length of the fur is exquisite and the fabric is soft, so it fits gently to the face. It is also easy to fit into the pillow.

Nanako Aizawa also praises it! Hot items” to fight off the cold selected by experts * Product images are taken from official websites and other sources. Some products have different prices on different websites or stores, and in some cases are out of stock or not in stock.
Profile Nanako Aizawa / Born in July ’96 in Fukuoka Prefecture. She has worked as a race queen in two major categories and announced her graduation this year. She is active in various fields such as stage, drama, and variety shows. For the latest information, check @nanako_aizawa on both X and Instagram!

From the December 29, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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