Ijuin Hikaru: There was more than just a power harassment report, there was also the “producer apology” fiasco | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ijuin Hikaru: There was more than just a power harassment report, there was also the “producer apology” fiasco

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Ijuin Hikaru has been accused of power harassment of his assistants. There are rumors that his regular program “Rajioto” will be canceled…

Ijuin Hikaru’s alleged power harassment and reports of the termination of his popular radio show. It was “Josei Seven” (September 30/October 7 issue) that first reported the allegations of power harassment against his assistant who was a co-star on the show. According to the magazine, on August 23, Ijuin’s radio program “Ijuin Hikaru Tojioto” on TBS, in which Ijuin is a personality, had an assistant, freelance announcer Maki Arai, say to him, “Now Arai has been suspended.

On August 23, Ijuin angrily shouted at his assistant, freelance announcer Maki Arai, on the TBS radio program “Ijuin Hikaru Torajio.

The following week, Arai was told that she had been fired.

The following week, Ijuin announced that he would be taking a two-week summer vacation without Arai. The next week, Ijuin announced that he would be taking a two-week summer vacation while Arai was away. After that, Ms. Arai left the program after the September 20th broadcast, but no one could help but feel uncomfortable with the way she left the program.

After the decision was made to leave the show, she left without ever seeing her “colleague” with whom she had worked for four years. According to the magazine, Ijuin’s “power harassment” was the reason for Arai’s departure, but Ijuin denied it in an interview with the magazine, saying that there was no power harassment at all.

However, a source at TBS Radio told us

However, when I asked a TBS Radio insider, he said, “In the past, it might have been seen as harsh guidance or a loving whip, but nowadays, Ijuin’s ‘guidance’ to Mr. Arai could be seen as power harassment. Mr. Ijuin’s voice is loud and he has a unique tone of voice, so it usually feels like he’s yelling at you.

It was around last spring that the “coaching” to Ms. Arai started to become noticeable, and recently her tone of voice had become even harsher.

There are many cases of power harassment from the point of view of someone in a weaker position, even if the person himself has no intention to do so. According to a report in some sports papers, “Ijuin Hikaru Torajioto” is going to be terminated in March of next year.

The whispered reason for the termination is the power harassment against Anna Arai, but it seems that the situation was a little more serious. According to another TBS Radio insider.

According to another TBS radio insider, “The Arai case happened to come to light, but Ijuin’s power-harassing behavior is nothing new. When I stayed up all night working on a script and brought it to Ijuin, he would repeatedly tell me in a strong tone of voice, “This is not good enough. Not only Mr. Arai, but he was also very strict with the staff, and there were more than one or two staff members who took time off or quit. It’s a well-known story within the station, but there was also the “Kneeling Riot” of the producer.

What was the “Kneeling Riot”? What was the “Kneeling Riot” about? The story goes that when Ijuin expressed his reluctance to do the “sales stuff” on the show, which is a corner where sponsors give out gifts to listeners and announce the sponsors, the producer got down on his knees and asked for help.

In “Josei Seven” there is a report about a “LINE incident” that occurred in March of this year. It was said that a program staff member accidentally posted a complaint about him on a group LINE that Ijuin could see, but this was not the only time the staff member’s frustration exploded. But this wasn’t the only time the staff’s frustration exploded. There was also a time when an SOS from a staff member was written in a network mail that not only the station staff but also people from the production company could read.

The staff of “Ijuin to ~” have not been sitting back and taking it easy. Nowadays, compliance is becoming stricter in every company. The staff had been complaining to the station about the power harassment, but no proactive action had been taken until now.

The program is popular and has a good audience. The program is popular and has a high viewership, so they may have felt that they had no choice but to turn a blind eye to a few things. However, now that the news of Anna Arai’s case has come out, the station has no choice but to take action.

It seems that Ijuin’s side complained to TBS, “How could such information be leaked? It seems that the station has finally realized the seriousness of the situation and is trying to remedy the situation, but many of the program staff want the program to be terminated.

However, Ijuin is very popular and has many fans. However, Ijuin is very popular and has many fans.

“Isn’t it because of Ijuin’s passion for radio, with his high ideals for programs?
“Isn’t this a pep talk and not power harassment?

It is true that there are many voices defending Ijuin. However.

However, those of us who are struggling in the field can’t stand the idea that “his love for radio was so strong that he treated his staff and co-stars harshly in order to make a good show.

This is not a good thing for those of us who are struggling in the field.

It is said that talks are underway to end the program in March of next year, but there are still more than four months to go until then. I wonder how the relationship between the staff and Ijuin is going now.

For example, if Ijuin’s attitude toward the staff changes after the news about him comes out, and if the situation improves, will the program be continued?

Right now, we’re only having the minimum necessary conversations. We are proceeding with the program in an indifferent manner. I don’t think the program will continue.

When I asked TBS Radio about the cancellation of “Rajioto” and the “power harassment issue,” they replied

When I asked TBS Radio about the termination of “Rajioto” and the “power harassment issue,” they said, “We have not responded to individual cases for some time.

Ijuin’s office said. In addition, Ijuin’s office said

“There is no such thing as power harassment.

Ijuin’s office replied, “There is no evidence of power harassment.

Ijuin is highly trusted by listeners. However, I wonder if he really understands the many staff members who support the show.

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