A beautiful con artist who swindled elderly people out of 300 million yen without using contraceptives, saying, “I will repay you with my body…” A “bewitching criminal technique | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A beautiful con artist who swindled elderly people out of 300 million yen without using contraceptives, saying, “I will repay you with my body…” A “bewitching criminal technique

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A picture of defendant Nishimura on a matching app (image of the person who registered on the matching app).

A graduate of a prestigious university, a talented young woman used sweet words and her body to seduce elderly men.

On December 15, the Osaka District Court heard the trial of Erina Nishimura, 29, a former nurse, who was charged with fraud for swindling 154 million yen from 15 men in their 50s and 60s whom she met on a dating website. Nishimura is alleged to have swindled the victims out of their money by making them fall in love with each other under the direction of Seiichi Yoshida, 52, a self-proclaimed investor. Nishimura was sentenced to three years in prison and a five-year suspended sentence.

Nishimura is a former member of the “Kochi” group. From September ’20 to August ’21, he registered on a matching app under the name ‘Saki’ and corresponded with men. On the app, she posted the following. ‘I like older men. I used to date a 65-year-old man,’ ‘I like older men and want to be their lover,’ and ‘I admire men as old as my father.

When an elderly man bites the defendant Nishimura, he immediately sends a message asking, ‘Can we meet? As soon as he met the man, he started telling him about his unfortunate circumstances, saying that he owed 15 million yen in college scholarships and credit card loans and that his younger brother would not be able to borrow the scholarship money if I did not pay it back, while insinuating a serious relationship.

According to an investigation by the Osaka Prefectural Police, a total of 71 men were defrauded by Nishimura, and the total amount of money lost was approximately 320 million yen. One of the victims was defrauded out of as much as 57.2 million yen. Nishimura and his co-conspirator, Yoshida, posed as “elder lovers” and used malicious tactics to extort money from the elderly. What kind of relationship did they have?

Nishimura and Yoshida first met when Nishimura applied for a job at a company owned by Yoshida around 2004. Later, Nishimura was advised by Yoshida to start trading stocks by Yoshida, but he lost a lot of money.

Nishimura, who had used money borrowed from Yoshida for the stock trading, cried out to Yoshida, “What should I do?

Nishimura fell into the trap of committing fraud because of Yoshida’s threats. A clear master-servant relationship soon developed between the two.

Nishimura was forbidden by Yoshida from contacting his parents or friends, and was forced to live together in Yoshida’s apartment. He was forced to live together in Yoshida’s condominium. He was controlled in all aspects of his activities, including going out, eating, sleeping, and defecating, and was even forced to urinate on the balcony of the condominium.

He was also ordered to engage in sexual acts without contraceptives in order to extract money from the elderly. The trial court found that the defendant was in a psychologically subordinate position and that there were circumstances that should be taken into account.

The total amount of money that Nishimura defrauded was 300 million yen (image of the person who registered on the matching app).

At the trial, the prosecution admitted that Nishimura was mentally controlled by Yoshida, but also stated, “Some of the victims paid for their retirement. It was an ingenious and malicious act that trampled on the defendant’s desire to help them, who said, ‘I am in trouble with debts,'” he pointed out. However, many of the victims are demanding that Nishimura be punished leniently.

Nishimura graduated from Osaka City University’s School of Medicine with a degree in nursing, worked as a nurse at a university-affiliated hospital, and until shortly before the incident, was a public health nurse for a large corporation. At the time of the fraud, Nishimura was 27 years old, but she gave the impression among the victims of being a serious, sincere, and kind woman. Furthermore, she was beautiful and charming, and if such a girl depended on you, there was no way you could refuse her. When Nishimura received the money, she would invite the men to a nearby business hotel, saying, ‘I just met you, and you even did that for me.

Upon entering the room, she took off her clothes one by one and said, ‘I can’t pay you back right away, so I’ll at least repay you with my body…’ Without wearing contraceptives, she performed indecent acts and kept the men captivated. At the bedside, she told the men, “I quit my nursing job because I have a debt. If I repay the debt, I can become a nurse again,” she whispered in a sweet voice, and she told the men, ‘I want to save this girl somehow. I want to help her get out of debt. I want to help her get out of debt. If she becomes a nurse again, maybe she will marry me. Since she was a former nurse, she would take care of them, and they were willing to contribute money if she would be theirs.

In court, Nishimura said, “If I am given a chance for rehabilitation, I would like to move forward. We hope he will lead a decent life so that there will be no new victims.

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