Yukiina Kinoshita, “Fuji TV’s Consecutive Appearance,” Declares Victory, Proudly Showing Off the “TVer No. 1” Ranking of Her Programs | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yukiina Kinoshita, “Fuji TV’s Consecutive Appearance,” Declares Victory, Proudly Showing Off the “TVer No. 1” Ranking of Her Programs

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Yukina Kinoshita, a.k.a. Yukina, appeared on terrestrial television for a long time in “Suddenly, Can I Have My Say? (Fuji Television Network), in which Yukina Kinoshita a.k.a. Yukina made her first terrestrial television appearance in a long time.

Congratulations to Yukina Kinoshita, a.k.a. Yukina, for winning first place on TVer.

Former TV personality and YouTube star Yukina Kinoshita revealed a message on her Instagram Stories that appears to have come from a fan.

The message was about her appearance on Fuji TV’s “Suddenly, Can I Tell Your Luck? (Fuji Television Network), which caused a bit of a firestorm when it was revealed that she was making a “full-fledged return” to television.

It seems that she was ranked No. 1 on TVer, a distribution site that allows users to watch programs they have missed online, and her fans congratulated her on that.

I was busy laughing and crying.

I’m looking forward to seeing the best father-son dai-suki “new Yukina Kinoshita.

The comments were written as follows.

The “Congratulations on TVer No. 1,” with an arrow that seems to have been written by Kinoshita, seems to emphasize the glory.

Ririna (11), the eldest daughter, and Maana (8), the second daughter, also appeared on the program wearing sunglasses. Fortune teller Leung Kinoshita asked them.

Will you be back on TV?”

Leon Kinoshita, a fortune teller, asked them, “Will you make TV appearances again?

“I’ll do it! I’ll do it!”

I’ll do it!” he declared. He then added, “I think it is my mission to continue to appear on TV,

I think it’s my mission to keep appearing on the stage.

There are people who say, “I can do my best even though I’ve been beaten up so much. I hope those people will see me and work together with me.

I hope those people will see it and work together with me.

The Internet article said, “I really don’t want to watch it,” but in the end, the viewers were successfully defeated by Fuji Television’s “flame sale”. The casting of the show was done knowing that it would be bashed by the “anti-news” crowd, and the strategy was to draw attention to the show by making it seem like a “full-fledged comeback” announcement.

In the past, he had announced his retirement, but in complete contradiction to that, he said, “It is my mission to be in the public eye. If she gets the public’s attention, she will be able to make money through the synergistic effect of the many stealthy PR deals she will receive on Instagram, etc.” (sports newspaper reporter).

Kinoshita’s conditions for appearing on TV are as follows

“I don’t go to TV stations on my own.

“If I receive an offer and I can appear in my own way

“I don’t want to appear on TV until I bow down,” she said on the program.

This was a glimpse of the “pride” of an influencer who does not want to appear on TV until she has to bow down to the stations. The fact that she also had her daughters appear on the show with her, showing family teamwork, suggests that she may have her sights set on becoming a mamatare in the future.

Kinoshita lost the civil lawsuit for “intimidation of a tapioca store,” but she may be able to make a “great revival in the entertainment world” by teaming up with a TV station from here. –The “Tapioca shop threat” civil suit was lost by Kinoshita.

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