In Memoriam ’23: I’m So Happy to Have Met You] “Dan Mitsu” Sends “Tearful Words” to Her Departed Benefactor, Shinji Tanimura | FRIDAY DIGITAL

In Memoriam ’23: I’m So Happy to Have Met You] “Dan Mitsu” Sends “Tearful Words” to Her Departed Benefactor, Shinji Tanimura

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Shinji Tanimura
Died on October 8 at the age of 74

Tanimura was the vocalist and guitarist of “Alice” and was affectionately known as “Chimpei. Rare photos of his younger days are available.

Singer/songwriter Shinji Tanimura, who passed away on October 8, ’23 (age 74). He formed “Alice” with Takao Horiuchi in 1971 and had a series of hit songs such as “Winter Lightning” and “Champion. He was also active as a solo artist and produced masterpieces such as “Subaru,” which is widely loved not only in Japan but also in Asia, and “Ii Hi Tabidachi,” for which he provided music to Momoe Yamaguchi.

Mitsu Dan, who duetted with Ms. Tanimura in a past program, looks back on the backstage and memories of those days.

I was impressed by his mature and considerate attitude, he was a true “gentleman.
Mitsu Dann (TV personality)

When I was asked to sing a duet of “Forget-me-not -Ai no Makuhari-” (1984) at the FNS Music Festival (Fuji TV) in ’13, I was so excited and jumped at the chance to do a duet with Ms. Tanimura (……!). I still clearly remember that I jumped at the chance to work with such enthusiasm.

My grandmother and mother were such big fans of Mr. Tanimura that they would go to his concerts. After they were overjoyed for a while, they grabbed me by both shoulders and strongly reminded me, “Don’t be rude! She strongly reminded me, “Don’t be rude!

He took time out of his busy schedule to give me detailed instructions so that I would have no trouble during meetings, rehearsals, and practice sessions. During the performance, there was a scene where Mr. Tanimura put his hand on my chest, and I was moved by his thoughtful suggestion, “Let’s keep it to just a little bit,” he said. Mr. Tanimura is more than three years older than me, and his gentlemanly consideration made me feel like an adult.

Now, I feel very sad. However, I am very grateful for the wonderful memories you have given me that I will never forget.

From the December 29, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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