Bananaman Shitara’s powerful skills were also reported in …… Why “Nonstop! has not been terminated. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Bananaman Shitara’s powerful skills were also reported in …… Why “Nonstop! has not been terminated.

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NONSTOP!” is often talked about for its “prowess. has often been the talk of the town, but it seems that the program is in safe hands. ……

Every time the program is revamped, there are whispers among TV magazines and sports reporters that the show is in safe hands,

Non-Stop! (Fuji Television Network) will never end?

(Fuji Television Network). The program started in April 2012 and has been running for 11 and a half years.

It is a long-running program that has continued for 11 and a half years. Tomoaki Ogura of “Tokudane! and Yuko Ando of “Direct hit LIVE Goody!” and Shinobu Sakagami of “Viking. However, “Non-Stop! has been spared from termination,” said a TV magazine reporter.

As an information program for young housewives, “Nonstop!” has become a “receptacle” for dinner recipes, tidying up tips, and daily entertainment information that other wide-ranging shows rarely cover anymore. However, viewer ratings have been stagnant for the past several years.

In addition, the reputation of the host, “Bananaman” Shitara Osamu, has not been good. His “strict guidance” has been reported in the media several times in the past, and the staff at the production company says that it has not changed.

Whenever a new staff member joins the program, he is always afraid to ask, “How is Shitara-san? I don’t think the viewers get the message. I don’t think the viewers get it, but Shitara-san is really strict when it comes to setting up the show or giving bad advice to the VTR. Moreover, it has been Shitara-san’s strong request since the beginning of the program that “two comedians should be included in the program every day.

I have heard that the reason why Jun Idota of Speedwagon, Mihoko Abukawa of Hokuyo, Canning Takeyama, Ringo Haiheel, and Chiaki have continued to appear on the show is because of Shitara’s request. Of course, they are there for “laughs,” but the program’s structure would have preferred to have more food experts and the like on the show. The viewers do not expect that much laughter.

In the past, “Josei Seven” (May 26, 2004 issue) reported that “the show’s director is so skillful that he even interferes with the content of the program and the scripts of the guest talks. Saizowoman” (March 29, 2006) reported that ” even the show’s producers are unable to hold meetings directly with Shitara,” and that this has become the norm as the show has continued for a long time.

For example, Toshiaki Megumi of “Hiruobi” has been frequently in contact with the staff and co-hosts since the days of the predecessor program, “2 o’clock Chao! was always holding banquets with staff and co-stars in tow.

At the end of the year, Mr. Shinobu Sakaue gives hundreds of thousands of dollars in “gifts” to the cast and staff every day of the week to thank them for their hard work over the past year. However, I have not heard of any such party held by Shitara-san, or any story of his giving his staff a hard time.

However, since there is currently no need to change the host, “the program will probably continue as it is now,” says a staff member.

So how is it possible for the program to “maintain the status quo”?

The “NON STOP! is broadcast three days a week, starting after 10:30 a.m., in conjunction with the women’s magazine “ESSE,” and from the first half of the 11:00 p.m. hour, “Dinos’ ‘Iimono Premium,’ a mail order corner that continues until the program’s ending, is aired daily. These two projects are in great demand. In particular, “Iimono” is directed by Hide of “Penalty” and features actresses, celebrities, and female comedians as subjects.

For years in a row, it has maintained the top level of sales compared to mail-order programs on various stations. Rather, “Nonstop! is the main part of the mail order section, and the first half of the program, which is hosted by Shitara, is designed to carry over to the second half in a good way.

Fuji Television is now losing out to TV Tokyo in viewer ratings, and its sales are said to be worse than BS Fuji. Production companies are also being forced to further reduce their budgets.

Thanks to the strong performance of “ESSE” and “Dinos,” “Nonstop! is still going strong thanks to the success of “ESSE” and “Dinos,” so there will probably be no scalpel cut for some time to come. However, within the station, the MC of “Nonstop! However, there are many people at the station who say that the ratings would be better if Hide were to be the MC of “Non-Stop!

(A former employee of the show said, “It may not be so easy when it comes to a long-lived program.

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