After the Shocking Incident] Riri, the girl who made a fortune of 20 million…and won the heart of Jiba even in court, Papa Lively. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

After the Shocking Incident] Riri, the girl who made a fortune of 20 million…and won the heart of Jiba even in court, Papa Lively.

What is the surprising "aftermath" that emerged from the in-depth interview?

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A photo uploaded by Mr. Watanabe to a social networking service. In addition to selling manuals, she also consulted with purchasers about their “needs.

The defendant, with dark hair and glasses, stands on the stand. When asked by the judge if there was any mistake in the indictment, she admitted her guilt, saying, “No, there was not.

On November 2, 2011, the Nagoya District Court heard the first trial of Mai Watanabe, 25, aka “Riri Watanabe.

Watanabe is accused of defrauding a 50-year-old man in Ibaraki Prefecture out of 38,460,000 yen in cash over a four-month period starting in April 2011. In addition, from March to May 2011, a 21-year-old female college student was arrested for defrauding two men out of approximately 10.65 million yen in cash after she purchased a manual for “receiving” cash that Watanabe was selling. Watanabe was also charged with aiding and abetting fraud in this case.

After dropping out of a vocational school, Ms. Watanabe worked in a brothel. 5 years ago, she became addicted to hostesses and had trouble paying her accounts receivable. When she told a customer at a brothel that she was unhappy, she received some money, and that was the beginning of her transformation into a “get-girl.

Watanabe stated that she had received a total of about 300 million yen from men as a “Yakurai Joshi. She also testified that she earned approximately 19.93 million yen by selling a “Riri-chan Magic Complete Strategy Manual” on social networking sites, which described her fraudulent tactics.

Watanabe used malicious tactics to gain the favor of men and earn large sums of money. He described the man he was cheating as “Ojiba. At his first trial, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, he seemed to have captured the hearts of many “ojis.

On the day of the trial, more than 100 people who wished to attend the hearing gathered to catch a glimpse of defendant Watanabe. About half of them were men between the ages of 50 and 80. Perhaps wanting to see Watanabe even a little closer, several men in the audience rushed to the front of the room just before the court opened.

Watanabe’s hair and makeup have changed from the flashy look he once had, but he still continues to attract “Ojis”. The upcoming trial is expected to reveal more details about his modus operandi and the character of Watanabe.

From the January 5 and 12, 2024 issues of FRIDAY

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