Hiromitsu Kitayama’s success reveals a honeymoon relationship between “TOBE” and Nippon TV! Possibility of a “Tackey-produced” program! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hiromitsu Kitayama’s success reveals a honeymoon relationship between “TOBE” and Nippon TV! Possibility of a “Tackey-produced” program!

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Hiromitsu Kitayama (right), who is rapidly approaching Nippon TV, President Hideaki Takizawa (left) and Ken Miyake (center), who are expected to be a part of the new Nippon TV program

Hiromitsu Kitayama of “TOBE” will appear in the December 26th broadcast of the NTV variety show “Year-end Bakusho Sanma Goten! National Popular Anime Voice Actor Lives Alone Girls Year-End Party” to be aired on December 26. On the following day, the 27th, Toshi Mukai of the comedy trio “Panther” and Saaya of “Raland” will be the MCs for a special program called “Ribejo ~Hateful Yaba Otoko ni Tenchu Kudasasu~” also on Nippon TV! ~which is also hosted by NTV’s “Rebejo: Hateful Yaba Otoko ni Tenchu Kudasu!

Speaking of Kitayama, two days before he left the former Johnny’s office, he appeared in “Odoru! Sanma Goten! two days before he left the former Johnny’s office. At that time, Kitayama was laughing along with Akashiya Sanma, the host of the show,

The reception that day was so good that people are saying, ‘There will be another one,'” said a staff member at a production company.

(a staff member at a production company). FRIDAY Digital reported on December 12 that “Kitayama’s reputation among Nippon TV staff is also outstanding.

The staff at Nittele are very impressed with Kitayama-san’s variety shows and his behind-the-scenes work. Since “RIBEJO” is a program with an up-and-coming young staff on its production team, it would not be surprising at all if Kitayama-san was nominated by them, but his appearances at Nippon TV have been outstanding.

(Aforementioned staff member) There is a rumor whispered within Nippon TV as to the reason for this.

There have been rumors for some time that TOBE and Nippon TV might collaborate on an audition program in ’24, but Kitayama-san’s success has once again revealed that the two companies have a honeymoon. The success of Ms. Kitayama has revealed once again that the two companies have a close relationship, and there were whispers of hopeful predictions that “this might really happen.

NiziU,” for which “Sukkiri” (Koji Kato was the MC) closely followed the audition, and “BE:FIRST,” born from the audition project “THE FIRST” by SKY-HI (Mitsuhiro Hidaka of “AAA”), both became “Kohaku singers “This pattern was followed by Mr. Takizawa.

If a Nippon TV program follows this pattern and closely follows the audition project of a boy group with Mr. Takizawa and Ken Miyake as producers, it would be a win-win situation for both parties. The program will most likely be “DayDay.” or “ZIP!” Despite pulling in NHK announcer Shinichi Takeda and placing Ryota Yamasato of the highly likable “Nankai Candies” next to him, “DayDay.” has been sluggish in viewer ratings.

ZIP!” has Shunsuke Kazama, who announced his independence. In fact, Mr. Kazama’s only office mate who had dinner with him privately was Mr. Kitayama, and he and Takizawa are old acquaintances from their Jr. days. In any case, it is a great topic of conversation,” said a staff member of an information program.

Takizawa had a regular program on Nippon TV at one time, and it is said that he has his own connections within the station because of his sales trips to the TV station himself when he was president of “Johnny’s Island”.

On December 16, “TOBE” announced on its fan club member website that a concert featuring all of its artists would be held at Tokyo Dome in March 2012.

Naturally, there will be cameras from various TV stations. Among them, Nippon TV, which is said to be the closest to TOBE at present, is planning to closely follow the artists and interview President Hideaki Takizawa. There is a possibility that an announcement will be made there, I think it is quite possible that an announcement will be made there.

If the “TOBE” x Nippon TV boy group audition project comes to fruition, it will surely be a catalyst for the rise of Nippon TV’s viewer ratings.

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