Catch was arrested every day in Kabukicho “malicious host problem” measures! Moment of “caught red-handed” by plainclothes police | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Catch was arrested every day in Kabukicho “malicious host problem” measures! Moment of “caught red-handed” by plainclothes police

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Resisting arrest to avoid being arrested

Kabukicho is the largest downtown area in Japan. A major change is taking place in Kabukicho. The number of catches, which at one time were so numerous that one could hardly walk straight down the street, has been drastically reduced.

On November 16, the Commissioner of the National Police Agency said at a press conference, “Behind the host problem is the existence of gangs and anonymous fluid criminal groups, and illegal activities such as pimping for accounts receivable have been confirmed,” and subsequently notified that he would crack down on illegal activities by gangs and criminal groups.

After this statement, the first targets were catchers specializing in host clubs. Plainclothes policemen arrested the so-called street touts, or catches who specialize in introducing host clubs, on a daily basis.

We talked to a person who catches for cabaret clubs who had seen this,

He said, “I often watch the catches who call out to the girls from the shadows and arrest them when they get to the restaurant. A lot of catches are arrested because of that. Sometimes they go inside the club and arrest the staff too, so the police must be very serious. There may be no more host clubs in Kabukicho.

He said.

The arrests are probably aimed at reducing the number of catches specializing in host clubs, which mainly target women, and putting pressure on the gangs and criminal groups behind them.

Then, in December, police intervention began in earnest, and on the night of December 15, 200 host and con-cafe establishments were investigated simultaneously.

When the police crack down hard, catchers cannot act with impunity. What are Kabukicho catchers doing in response to this trend? We asked some of the people who work as catchers in Kabukicho to tell us.

Catch” is a word that comes from a person who catches for host clubs. There is no point in talking to them because host clubs no longer accept outside sales (customers brought by catches). There are only a few places that accept outside sales now. As for arrests, on a typical day, three or five people are arrested. The police are much more numerous now, so it’s harder to do.”

The police action has forced the hostess catchers to close their businesses.

However, even with such police action, many believe that “the number of police should calm down after a certain period of time” because the crimes are committed in the highly anonymous Kabukicho district. Therefore, there are many catchers who intend to reopen the area sooner or later.

It is said that a major change will take place in Kabukicho when the Commissioner of Police visits the area. One can only hope that this inspection will eliminate the number of young women being exploited by hosts.

A scene of being taken away
Kabukicho, Shinjuku, where the host problem is being viewed as a problem
Resisting arrest
  • Reporting and writing Midori Shirakami

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