Terao, in memoriam…his drinking volume was 5 gou of sake and a bottle of whiskey! Shocking photo of Terao and his brother, Gyakuhoko ’85, comparing “Nani”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Terao, in memoriam…his drinking volume was 5 gou of sake and a bottle of whiskey! Shocking photo of Terao and his brother, Gyakuhoko ’85, comparing “Nani”!

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Terao’s (left) brother, Gyakaboko, peers into Terao’s lower body. Around February ’85

The farewell came too soon.

Former Sekiwake Terao’s Shikoriyama Oyakata died of congestive heart failure at a Tokyo hospital on December 17 at the age of 60. He had been in and out of the hospital repeatedly since September of this year due to his chronic disease of arrhythmia and heart trouble. He was a sumo wrestler with a sweet mask and a fierce fighting style that attracted fans since his active days.

He weighed in the 110kg range, which is slim for a sumo wrestler, but he was agile and excelled at fast, spinning thrusts. He continued to step into the ring despite injuries, earning the nickname “Tetsujin,” or “iron man. He was nicknamed “Tetsujin,” or “iron man,” for his continuous appearances in the ring, which ranked seventh all-time (1359), and his total appearances in the ring, which ranked fourth (1795).

Together with his eldest son Tsurumeizan (former juryo, died in March ’20 at age 60) and second brother Gakaboko (former sekiwake, died in September ’19 at age 58), they were called the “Three Izutsu Brothers” after the stable they joined and their father, the master. As a stablemaster, he was known for his strict guidance,” said a sumo association official.

In its March 1, 1985 issue, “FRIDAY” published shocking photos of the brothers comparing their “nani” with a reverse spearhead. We would like to recount the dynamic face of Terao, who was a heavy drinker and popular with the ladies (content has been corrected).

His favorite type was Chikusa Nagayo.

I’m going to check your penis to see if you are a makunouchi.

If you’re as good as your brother, I’ll be a third-ranked wrestler in no time.

Terao (left) and Gyakaboko (right) were the ones who expressed their rivalry in the photo above. Terao’s reckless behavior is rare even in the Kakumei world.

Terao, who professes, “I was thinking of becoming an actor because I have a good face,” looks better with a checkered cut than with a topknot. Terao’s room is filled with sweaters and stuffed animals given to him by female fans . His dresser drawers are overflowing with fan letters. His favorite types are Mariko Ishihara, Hiroko Mita, and Chikusa Nagayo of the Crash Gals (women’s professional wrestling team).

He is a heavy drinker, consuming five cups of sake and a bottle of whiskey. Whenever he gets money, he spends it immediately. I heard that he gave his two older brothers 100,000 yen each for the 500,000 yen prize money he received for winning the juryo division (January tournament, 1985), and spent the remaining 300,000 yen in one night drinking with the young wrestlers in his stable.

Terao continued to entertain his fans outside the ring. In heaven, we hope that the “three Izutsu brothers” will enjoy their favorite drink at their leisure.

He boldly took on former ozeki Konishiki and other large rikishi with a weight difference of more than 100 kg.
His forward-looking attitude always encouraged his fans.
He had many female fans because of his handsome face.
He was slender for a rikishi, but had a muscular body.
  • PHOTO Hirokazu Oyamada, Shinichi Yamada/Afro Jun Tsukita/Afro Sports

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