Ryo Tamura of Romboo becomes completely independent… Comedians who “rebelled” against President Okamoto due to the “black market problem” feel a sense of purge with “zero affiliation. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ryo Tamura of Romboo becomes completely independent… Comedians who “rebelled” against President Okamoto due to the “black market problem” feel a sense of purge with “zero affiliation.

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Ryo Tamura of “London Boots No. 1 and No. 2” announces the end of his agent contract with Yoshimoto

Ryo Tamura of the comedy duo “London Boots No. 1 and No. 2” updated his YouTube page and posted a video titled “[Report] From London Boots No. 1 and No. 2. He revealed that he will end his agent contract with Yoshimoto Kogyo by the end of this year. From now on, Ryo will work for his own company as a TV personality, but the London Boots duo will continue.

In the video, Ryo and his partner, atsushi Tamura, are sitting on two chairs at Yoshimoto’s theater in the dark with dark lighting.

The video shows him and his partner, Jun Tamura, sitting in two chairs in a darkened Yoshimoto theater. Ryo Tamura-san has decided to end his agent contract with Yoshimoto Kogyo and go completely freelance.

The reason for this decision was, of course, the dark business of four years ago.

The reason for this was the black market scandal four years ago. Several comedians, including Hiroyuki Miyasako and Ryo Tamura, who took part in the scandal, were involved in it.

It was Miyasako and Ryo who broke their silence after a long period of house arrest.

They held their own press conference without Yoshimoto’s permission and accused President Akihiko Okamoto of power harassment. At the press conference, their plea for an apology was not accepted, but they forced their way through and tearfully revealed the pressure Yoshimoto’s executives were exerting on them.

At the press conference, Yoshimoto’s lawyer said

The top management is saddened that the two have lawyers.

They are a family.

Ryo said, “If we are a family, I am a child.

If we are a family, I am a child. I am not a parent to stop a child from trying to apologize for what is right and what is really wrong. I have nothing but distrust because of that.

I cried.

In response, Koji Kato of “Gokuraku Tombo” became furious during a broadcast of “Sukkiri” at the time. He demanded that former Chairman Hiroshi Osaki and President Okamoto “step down,” or he would “quit Yoshimoto,” he declared on-air. Haruna Kondo, who was also in the studio, burst into tears and criticized the executives.

After that, Mr. Kato became Yoshimoto’s first agent. In fact, behind the scenes, Haruna was also secretly forced by Yoshimoto to sign an agent’s contract. It was not made public until much later. I felt Yoshimoto’s greatness, as if they were trying to make an example out of me if I had a fight with the upper management.

Kato-san’s agent contract has been terminated, and he is now completely free. Haruna-san is now under an agent contract. Now that “Sukkiri” has ended, I feel that Yoshimoto is exquisitely “purging” them so that they will not attract criticism from the public. ……

Miyasako, Ryo, and Kato have completely left Yoshimoto, and Haruna is the only one who barely has any relationship with Yoshimoto left.

Even after the London Boots black-marketing scandal, his partner Jun had been taking the duo’s business with Yoshimoto by setting up a company called “London Boots Co. Jun said that his goal was to bring Ryo back to Yoshimoto, but Ryo’s will was firm and he had to give up the idea.

I have a feeling that the rift between Ryo and President Okamoto is quite deep,” Jun said. After Ryo’s press conference, President Okamoto had to hold an apology press conference as well. It seems that there is still a grudge in a corner of both parties’ hearts, saying, “I can’t forgive him.

Ryo-san has regular programs in his specialty, fishing, in addition to London Hearts, but the key point is how much “business” he can do as a freelancer in the future. The TV station may be able to pay him a lower fee than when he was with Yoshimoto, so it may be cost-effective for the TV station.

Ryo has finally decided to leave Yoshimoto. What kind of departure will it be?

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