Hiroto Kiritani of “Shareholder’s Beneficial Life” has undergone a major transformation! He has become a “good-looking old man” with a beard that “resembles Nicolas Cage”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hiroto Kiritani of “Shareholder’s Beneficial Life” has undergone a major transformation! He has become a “good-looking old man” with a beard that “resembles Nicolas Cage”!

Entertainment desk clerk Norifumi Arakida's "irresistible" stories in the entertainment world

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Mr. Kiritani drives around in his “beloved car” for shareholder benefits. This is how she is seen on TV, but what about now? With enka singer Kaoru Yamaguchi (left) in 2010.

Entertainment desk clerk Norifumi Arakida’s “irresistible” stories in the entertainment world.

Hiroto Kiritani, a former professional Go player, is famous as a master of “shareholder benefits. His lifestyle was closely followed on “Monday to Night Fakashi” (Nippon Television), hosted by Matsuko Deluxe and Shingo Murakami of “Kanjani Eight” fame, and he has become a popular figure.

In the program, Ms. Kiritani, who is said to have assets of 400 million yen in stocks and other assets, was talked about as “kawaii” (cute) as she rode her bicycle east and west in order to use up her shareholder benefits.

She has become an indispensable part of the show, not only for her life with the benefits, but also for riding a thrilling machine and planning her marriage,” said a reporter for a women’s magazine.

(Women’s magazine reporter) We saw Ms. Kiritani at a hotel in Tokyo on December 10.

The location was the Asakusa View Hotel in Tokyo. It was an Enka singer Kaoru Yamaguchi’s “30th anniversary dinner show.

Ms. Kiritani was singing a duet song with Ms. Yamaguchi, “Katsushika Hosoda Kanran Ondo” together on stage. Ms. Kiritani, who is popular on TV, was asked by many people to take commemorative photos, and she was very polite about it.

However, many people must have been surprised by his “transformation. He had a mustache and a wild appearance.

We decided to interview Mr. Kiritani directly,

I started growing my mustache in mid-October. I didn’t think my beard would grow that long since my head is like this, but surprisingly, it has been growing for a long time.

I will be appearing in the upcoming ‘Night Owl’ with this beard, so please look forward to it.”

Mr. Kiritani has become as wild as Hollywood star Nicolas Cage. He may gain more female fans again. ……

Mr. Kiritani, now sporting a mustache and looking as wild as Nicolas Cage.
Mr. Kiritani enthusiastically sings “Katsushika Hosoda Kanran Ondo,” a duet with singer Kaoru Yamaguchi.
Mr. Kiritani, a wild “shareholder’s favorite
Mr. Kiritani publicly proposing to Kaoru Yamaguchi in 1919
Mr. Kiritani publicly proposed to Kaoru Yamaguchi in ’19
Ms. Kiritani and Kaoru Yamaguchi
  • Interview and text Norifumi Arakida (FRIDAY Digital Entertainment Desk)

    Born in Saitama Prefecture in 1975. Worked for an evening newspaper and a women's weekly before assuming his current position. Also appears on TV and radio.

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