Nagiko Tono, who “broke off her engagement and then kissed a new man,” had a “childhood trauma” behind the overly difficult condition of “continuing” her relationship. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nagiko Tono, who “broke off her engagement and then kissed a new man,” had a “childhood trauma” behind the overly difficult condition of “continuing” her relationship.

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Just once, Nagiko Tono, who broke up with her fiancé because he didn’t get a line from her: ……

I said good-bye, bye-bye. I told my friends and brother that I broke up with him in a second, and an hour later, I restarted the matching app …….”

Actor Nagiko Tono reported on her TV program and blog that she and the man she had just gotten engaged to last month had speedily broken up. She had just announced her third speedy divorce in March of this year, but she broke up with him again.

She appeared on “Barairo Dandy” (TOKYO MX) broadcast on December 13.

We broke up last Thursday (December 7).

He surprised the cast, including Ryo Fukawa, Manami Hashimoto, and Yuhime Matsuda, when he reported, “We broke up last Thursday (December 7).

When asked about the reason for the breakup

We had promised to communicate with each other on LINE once a day, just once. He broke that promise.

He broke that promise,” she revealed. One of her co-stars said.

“He was just busy, wasn’t he?”

“Why not just one time?”

Tono responded, “He was so busy that he broke it once.

Tono responded, “I was so busy that I broke it once. Is that acceptable?

Tono was in serious mode. It seems that the level of difficulty in a relationship is quite high to break off an engagement because of a single forgotten LINE message, not because of cheating.

I would say goodbye and send a message saying good-bye and bye-bye. I put in a report to my friends and my brother saying, ‘I broke up with you in a second,’ and then an hour later I reopened the matching app and dated three more people in less than a week.”

And further.

Yesterday I went on a date with a 22-year-old and a 27-year-old. I also kissed one of them.

Next week I’m going on a date with one of the guys I met yesterday.

His new love life is also developing at a rapid pace.

I think that the family and friends of the other party may have been turned off by the sudden breakup of the engagement,” he said. He even announced that he had already set a date for the wedding.

When the engagement was finalized, she said in tears during the live broadcast, “I know what they will say about me. I know what they’re going to say. But I am who I am.” “No matter how many times I get divorced, what’s wrong with that?” I felt that he really liked her this time. Fans had been cheering him on with their comments, but I guess they were a bit disappointed.

In response to the LINE incident, Matsuda said in the studio

When Matsuda was asked in the studio about the LINE incident, “Are you going to learn something like, ‘I’m going to change next time, too’?”

When asked.

He replied, “Not at all.

Hashimoto then added, “I don’t know what I can do. Hashimoto added

Hashimoto then added, “On the other hand, there are things that Nagiko can’t do even if she is told to do them, right?

Tono replied, “Why do I have to do it for them?

Tono seemed upset, “Why do I have to be told to do it?

Tono seemed upset.

Tono, who has revealed her eating disorder on her blog and in her books, complained about being told she had lost weight on social networking sites and in her blog on January 13th, she wrote, “It’s terrible, it makes me want to cry. It makes me want to cry. She is mentally very weak, but on the other hand, she is very demanding when it comes to dating partners.

She was forced to debut as a child actor at the age of six, and she herself has confessed to abuse and abandonment by her mother. Her dating partner must have a deep understanding of this or it will not last. ……” (Women’s magazine reporter)

Tono says she has been meeting men using matching apps at a furious pace. We may hear of a new love story in the near future.

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