Rumiko Koyanagi’s “100 million yen alimony report is speculation” is a blur… “too large scale” way of life that seems to be that of a Showa star. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Rumiko Koyanagi’s “100 million yen alimony report is speculation” is a blur… “too large scale” way of life that seems to be that of a Showa star.

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Rumiko Koyanagi and Kenya Osumi at the press conference for their wedding (Jan. 27, ’89)

Toward the end of the year, Rumiko Koyanagi (71) began appearing on TV more frequently.

She appeared on “Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Aahende! (Nippon Television Network Corporation), and she has been exposed to an increasing number of people, such as in “Poka Poka” (Fuji Television Network) and BS Fuji Television’s “Showa Uta Parade” (Showa Uta Parade),” a TV magazine reporter said.

In an interview with the web media “CHANT WEB” delivered on December 4, she talked about her divorce from her ex-husband, actor and dancer Kenya Osumi (58),

《At the time, reports circulated that instead of me accepting the divorce, “I was pressed to pay 100 million yen as alimony or return to being an unknown back-up dancer as before, and my husband paid 100 million yen in alimony. This is entirely speculative. The media and the public called her an “ogre-like woman” and bashed her tremendously.

She looks back on those days and says things like, “I can say this now, but I can honestly say that she was a woman of the world,

I can say this now, but I honestly distrusted people at the time and wondered daily how I could die easily.

I was in agony every day, wondering how I could die easily. However, the social networking service was not in agreement with this,

I heard that it is true that he actually received that large sum of money.

I have never said whether or not the 100 million was the right decision.

I have never said whether the 100 million was correct or not,” etc. In the end, we do not know whether the “100 million yen” was a fact or a hoax, and a sense of confusion remains.

What does “complete speculation” mean? At the press conference, Osumi said that he chose to pay the fee. Also, when Osumi appeared on a talk variety show about 10 years ago, she did not deny that she had paid alimony, so there is no doubt that she did. So then the amount of 100 million was different. ……

If so, why didn’t he deny it when the report came out? In any case, it is still an event that will remain in the history of Showa-era entertainment.

There are probably few people who do not know her, but a new look at her career reveals just how big a star she was in the Showa era.

Although she graduated from Takarazuka Music School at the top of her class, she left the school upon graduation to become a singer. Moreover, before her debut as a singer, she appeared as an actress in the NHK television series “Niji.

Her debut single “Watashi no Shirokamachi” (My Castle Town), released in 1971, sold 1.6 million copies and won the Best New Artist Award at that year’s Record Awards.

The following year, she released “Seto no Bride,” which won the 3rd Japan Song Award. She continued to have hit after hit, and participated in the NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen for 18 consecutive years from her debut to 1988.

In 1982, she appeared in the film “Kidnapping Report,” for which she won the Kinema Junpo Award for Best Supporting Actress and the 6th Japan Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. The following year, she won the 7th Japan Academy Award for Best Leading Actress for “Hakubesho.

In addition to being a singer and actress, she also appeared in the legendary variety show “8 O’clock! (TBS),” a TV magazine reporter said.

(TV magazine reporter) She married Osumi in 1989, but surprised the public because her partner was an unknown dancer 13 years younger than her. After their marriage, they often worked as a couple and gained popularity as the “mandarin duck couple,” but in 2000, after 12 years, their marriage broke up.

On January 14 of the same year, Koyanagi held a divorce press conference.

Koyanagi said at the press conference on January 14 of the same year, to the surprise of reporters, “Do you want to stop doing variety shows and other talent activities, and work as a completely unknown dancer? Or he can continue to work as he is and pay me alimony. He chose alimony. As a man and a member of society, I want him to take responsibility for his own actions. Society is not that easy.”

The next day, the 15th. Osumi also held an emergency press conference after returning from Italy, where he was working, and was asked about his alimony,

I thought about it for two weeks. I don’t know how many years it will take, but I’m hoping it will be 10 years. …… I’m not sure how many years it will take, but I’m hoping for 10 years.

He looked anguished. In fact, although the specific amount was not disclosed, it was estimated to be no less than 100 million yen, and for some reason the figure of “100 million yen” became the sole figure.

However, Ms. Koyanagi was bashed not so much for the 100 million yen, but rather for her attitude, as if to say, “It is thanks to me that you have been able to survive in the entertainment industry.

Koyanagi said she would take the matter to her grave, while Osumi remained silent.

Koyanagi’s amazing story begins here. The alimony case has certainly put a damper on his career and kept him away from television, but he is now attracting new attention as a soccer freak. According to him, he watches more than 2,000 games a year and has written down more than 100 notebooks on the game, and his knowledge and analytical skills are at a level that makes it hard to believe that he is an amateur. I was surprised by his versatility as well as his sensitivity to the times.

Perhaps the proof of a star is the “way of life” of Rumiko Koyanagi, who always provides topics of conversation and continues to attract attention no matter how old she gets.

Rumiko Koyanagi and Kenya Osumi at rehearsal for the “NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen” in 1987.
In the midst of the divorce scandal, the two were heading to a year-end dinner show (January 9 and 16, 1998 issues).
Kenya Osumi held a divorce press conference on January 15, 2000, and said, “I will pay alimony in 10 years” (February 4, 2000 issue).
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