Natsumi Abe’s “Miracle in her 40s” can get another break because of her bold mini-skirt and sharp dance moves… | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Natsumi Abe’s “Miracle in her 40s” can get another break because of her bold mini-skirt and sharp dance moves…

Natsumi Abe's amazing transparency is astonishing even though she is a mother of three children.

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In ’12, when she was still unmarried. Her beauty has not faded since then.

Former Morning Musume。 aka Natsumi Abe (42), a former Morning Musume ace, appeared as an OG at the group’s concert held at Yokohama Arena on November 28. It had been about 5 years and 10 months since her last appearance on stage.

She is now a mother of three. However, to the surprise of the fans in attendance and the press, she danced as well as the current members in a mini-skirted, frilly outfit, and showed off the same youthful, cute looks she had when she was still an idol. The show’s impressive brilliance has led some in the entertainment industry to believe that the “purification” of the past “turmoil” has been completed.

The concert was planned as part of the fall tour of the current group, Morning Musume。 The concert was a special performance planned as part of the autumn tour of the current group, Morning Musume’s 23. In addition to Abe, a total of 10 OGs, including Mari Yaguchi, Kei Yasuda, Rika Ishikawa, and Nozomi Tsuji, made guest appearances. Among them, it was Abe’s appearance that elicited the loudest cheers from the approximately 12,000 fans.

Her long black boots and pure white mini-dress showed off her beautiful legs, and her petite body danced to “LOVE Machine,” one of the group’s most popular songs, along with the current members. With a translucent smile that belied the fact that she was in her 40s, she commented, “I can’t stop my heart from pounding,” and the venue was filled with excitement.

The last time Abe appeared on stage at a live concert like this was in January 2006, when she performed for “Hello! Project” in January 2006 was the last time Abe appeared on stage at such a concert.

In the entertainment industry these days, actresses and singers who continue to transcend their age and become more beautiful and radiant in their middle age and older are often referred to as “miraculous 0-year-olds” because they attract the attention of men and are admired by women.

Abe, who had not been seen at live performances for many years, made an outstanding impact by appearing as an idol for the first time in many years and looking as fresh as when she was in her teens and twenties. After her performance, many people in the entertainment industry are calling her the most promising new “miracle talent in her 40s.

Abe debuted in 1998 as a member of Morning Musume’s first group and led the group as its center in the early years, graduating in 2004. After that, she worked as a solo singer and actress, focusing especially on the stage. In 2003, she married popular actor Ikusaburo Yamazaki (37), with whom she co-starred in the musical “Arashi ga Oka” in 2011.

She gave birth to her first son in July 2004 and her second son in October 2006. She also just announced the birth of her third child (gender undisclosed) last December. In recent years, she has been raising her children and has been cutting back considerably on her entertainment activities.

However, almost a year has passed since the birth of her third child, and her child-rearing activities are now at an end. Seeing her flawless visual appearance on stage for the first time in six years, I got the impression that she is considering resuming her entertainment activities in earnest and returning to the public stage in the future.

However, in contrast to her happy personal life, Abe had been involved in a serious scandal in the past. About nine months after Abe graduated from Morning Musume。 In October 2004, about nine months after graduating from Morning Musume, Abe formed the three-person unit “Natsumi Goura” with Maki Goto and Aya Matsuura. However, in December of the same year, Abe allegedly plagiarized lyrics from several artists, including aiko, in her essay collection and photo book, and apologized. He was forced to suspend his activities for about two months.

Abe also announced that she would not participate in the NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen (Red and White Singing Contest) on New Year’s Eve 2004, in which she was scheduled to sing as Natsumi Goura, and all hell broke loose. The unusual trouble of a top idol became a major topic of conversation. After her return, she continued her solo activities, participating in other units and starring in musicals, but for a while the image of the “plagiarism and Kohaku Uta Senso” scandal remained, and she herself may have felt somewhat guilty about it.

However, after getting married and giving birth three times, she has probably forgotten about this incident. In addition to that, she showed an overwhelming “idol aura” on stage for the first time in a long while, and I think it is safe to say that her “purification” of the scandal of 19 years ago is now completely over.

On December 7, nine days after the concert, Abe attended a preview of the animated film “Pow Patrol: The Mighty Movie,” for which he dubbed. He reported with a bubbly “Nacchi Smile” about having three more children, saying, “Every day I’m constantly reflecting on what I did.

Will she get another break as one of the “miraculous 40s”? It seems possible that she may have turned on the “switch” on stage this time.

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The five members at the time of their debut in ’98 (Abe is on the far right).’ He was the ace of the group until his graduation in 2004.
A yakiniku date with Yamazaki. It was reported that they got close to each other suddenly when they performed together on stage the year before (September ’12).
Date at a famous Italian restaurant on Christmas Eve in ’12
They visited a restaurant famous as a date spot and the illumination was beautiful. Natsumi couldn’t help but snap a picture (December ’12).
From Natsumi Abe’s Instagram
From Natsumi Abe’s Instagram
From Natsumi Abe’s Instagram
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