The late breakup of the comedy duo “Wagyu” has brought attention to Hiroyuki’s theory that tardiness is harmless. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The late breakup of the comedy duo “Wagyu” has brought attention to Hiroyuki’s theory that tardiness is harmless.

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The popular comedy duo “Wagyu” suddenly announced their breakup. It is said that Kawanishi (left) could not forgive Mizuta’s (right) habit of being late. ……

On December 12, the comedy duo “Wagyu” (Shinji Mizuta and Kenshiro Kawanishi) announced on Yoshimoto Kogyo’s official website that they will break up at the end of March next year.

The comedy world was shocked by the sudden announcement by the authentic duo, who are respected by many comedians, and one of the reasons for the breakup was Mizuta’s “habit of being late.

Mizuta said

The reason was that about three years ago, I was late several times due to a lapse of concentration. In addition, there were times when I could not meet Kawanishi’s demands in my comic performances, and I began to feel a difference between Kawanishi and myself in the way I approached my comic performances.

Although we had the same goal of making the audience laugh, the gap between what Kawanishi wanted and what I wanted to do gradually widened, and I became unable to express my opinions to my partner.

Kawanishi also said. Kawanishi, too

About three years ago, I began to want to focus more on the stage, while Mizuta’s continuous tardiness to appear at the theater led to a noticeable difference in my attitude toward manzai and his.

Gradually, I began to lose faith in him, and I sometimes spoke harshly to him, unable to maintain moderation. This led to his suffering, and he was no longer able to perform the kind of comedy he wanted.

He revealed, “I was not able to do the kind of comedy that he wanted.

It is unusual to mention “tardiness” as the reason for the breakup and to write about it so vividly.

At the same time, some were surprised that “tardiness,” which everyone has experienced at least once, led to the breakup of the duo.

What is attracting attention on the Internet is the theory of businessman Hiroyuki Nishimura, a.k.a. “Hiroyuki,” who is a “tardiness advocate.

On the 12th, the day Wagyu announced the breakup of the group, he posted the following on his X (formerly Twitter) page, revealing an episode from his elementary school days.

¡ÈI don¡Çt recognize not doing homework or being late for class as ¡Èbad things¡É because I didn¡Çt bother anyone, even now.

I think that teachers who interrupt class to get angry at students who are late are disrupting the class, when they should just leave them alone.

Hiroyuki’s “tardiness is harmless” theory is nothing new.

On the March 10 broadcast of Abema Prime this year, a cross talk was held between “Hiroyuki the tardy demon vs. the tardy unforgivable group. In the face of concentrated fire from the opposing camp, he said

The more talented people are, the more they schedule their time in various places. The better you are, the more you are scheduled in various places, so if you are off even a little bit, everything will be off. It’s normal to be late.”

I work with excellent people.

I work with excellent people, so I haven’t seen many people angry at me for that. When I work with incompetent people, I think it is very difficult to get angry with them.

He was very eloquent in his speech.

On the other hand, “Wagyu” Mizuta’s “habit of being late” seems to have been hardcore. ……

Mizuta was banned from the theater 13 years ago for being late for a talk show he hosted. His tardiness caused inconvenience to those around him. Being late is never something that can be defended,” said a person involved in the comedy industry.

Even at live music concerts, the start of the show is sometimes delayed due to equipment problems. In such cases, there is always an announcement of apology from the organizer.

There are people who can be late and still be fine, but such people will not survive in the Japanese entertainment industry. This is because they will get a bad reputation as ’00 is often late,’ more than they think.

Kawanishi-san of Wagyu, based on this, warned Mizuta-san again and again. …… In the end, I guess it means that he didn’t change.

It seems that “tardiness is harmless” was not the rule in the entertainment world.

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