Masahiro Tanaka, Rakuten’s Masahiro Tanaka, is reported to have taken a “2-year, 600 million yen salary cut” and his image has become worse due to the “Yasuragi power harassment issue. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Masahiro Tanaka, Rakuten’s Masahiro Tanaka, is reported to have taken a “2-year, 600 million yen salary cut” and his image has become worse due to the “Yasuragi power harassment issue.

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Masahiro Tanaka, a.k.a. “Ma-kun” of Rakuten, is facing headwinds due to the “Anraku problem.

Masahiro Tanaka of the Rakuten baseball team is facing headwinds.

After a stint in the majors, he returned to Rakuten in 2009. The late manager Katsuya Nomura said

He was described by the late manager Katsuya Nomura as “Ma-kun, a child of God, a wonder child.

He is a superstar in the baseball world.

Masahiro Tanaka made a surprise appearance as a commentator in the December 10 broadcast of the drama “Gekkokujo Kyuji” (TBS). The TV station is putting a lot of effort into the Sunday drama, so he was supposed to be a “big-name guest,” as expected. ……” (a person involved in a wide-ranging TV show).

As for his personal record, he is just three wins away from 200 wins in Japan and the U.S., and he is almost certain to achieve the record next season. According to a reporter for a sports newspaper.

According to a sports reporter, “The baseball team is also giving him full support by setting up a special website to cheer for Masahiro Tanaka’s 200 wins in Japan and the U.S.”

The mood has changed.

This upbeat mood changed when the power harassment of Tomohiro Anraku, a junior pitcher at Rakuten, came to light. He was accused by several young players of harassing them in the locker room.

“He exposed his lower body in the locker room.
“I was slapped.

Rakuten released him on a free-agent contract.

At the time, Tanaka was reported to have “turned a blind eye” to his junior’s barbaric behavior.

The Yomiuri Shimbun group’s “Sports Hochi” stepped in. The Yomiuri Shimbun group’s Sports Hochi reported that Tanaka was also at the scene when Anraku shifted the underwear of a young player.

Some of the players said they were laughing at the situation,” the paper reported.

The report said, “Some of the players said they were laughing at the situation. Somehow, the article was later revised to read

“There is also a testimony that General Tanaka was also present at the scene.

Tanaka updated his SNS on January 1.

On the 1st, Tanaka updated his SNS and wrote

I am sorry for the concern I have caused everyone. Harassment is unacceptable.

The post continued. He continued

As an elder member of the team as well as the baseball team, I should have been more attentive to the junior members, and I should have taken the initiative to warn them if there was a problem.

I regret that I was not aware of this. In effect, he was admitting that he had been “negligent in his supervision.

Of course he regrets what he did, but his distrust of the media has only grown stronger. He has always been reluctant to give interviews, but after the reports about Yasuraku, I think he will completely “reject” negotiations with the media. He checks every single report in the sports papers, and if something is written that he doesn’t agree with, he will distance himself from it at once.

The fact that he mentioned Yasuraku on social networking sites is also a reason for reporters to whisper, “Isn’t it because he doesn’t want to be asked about it directly at the contract renewal meeting? The contract renewal was difficult.

There are also reports that the contract renewal process is going through a rough patch.

The sports news outlet Sports Hochi again reported the news extensively.

Masahiro Tanaka, the first player in history to have his contract reduced by more than ¥600 million over two years… Negotiations may be protracted due to the extra year.

The report stated, “[Rakuten] Masahiro Tanaka has been offered a reduction of over ¥600 million over two years.

Tanaka, who finished the season with a 7-11 record and a 4.91 goals-against average, was offered a salary for next season that exceeded the reduction limit (40% of the total salary must exceed ¥100 million). Last season, he was paid 900 million yen, including piece value, and remained with the team at a greatly reduced salary. The estimated salary for this season is 475 million yen, which is a significant reduction of over 200 million yen for the second consecutive year.

Regardless of the facts, Ma-kun did not want his salary to be written as a “big pay cut for the second year in a row,” which would give him the image of a “wacko. Just then, the Sports Hochi ran a relentless headline about it (laughs). I am only guessing, but I think the relationship between the two is at its worst because of the Anraku incident.

The baseball team is also being forced to make a difficult decision. Another baseball reporter said

Ma-kun is a symbol of Rakuten, and the team is hoping that he will be appointed manager in the future. On the other hand, the team is not willing to compromise on salary negotiations. If they say, ‘Only Ma-kun is special,’ it would not be good for the other players.

He is not willing to give in to negotiations on salary.

Many people on the Internet have said that they were “disappointed” and “let down” by Tanaka after the Yasura incident.

Tanaka’s tense mood is likely to continue for the time being.

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