Hiromitsu Kitayama, who shined as MC of “TOBE” distribution program, “was distanced from the members” rumor spread. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hiromitsu Kitayama, who shined as MC of “TOBE” distribution program, “was distanced from the members” rumor spread.

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Hiromitsu Kitayama, who is expected to be active as an actor as well as a singer and variety artist (photo: September ’21)

I’m really glad to see Mikkun’s smile back.”

I’m so glad that Mikkun’s smile is back,” said one janitor. Mikkun” is the oldest former member of Kis-My-Ft2, who graduated from the group on August 31 of this year. He is Hiromitsu Kitayama, who transferred from the former Johnny’s office to TOBE.

On November 25, TOBE held its first live broadcast of “TOBE BAN” on its official YouTube channel, featuring all of the group’s artists,

The MC was too good.

Kitayama-kun is definitely today’s MVP!

Kitayama-kun was definitely the MVP of the day! Among them were the words at the beginning of the article, “Mikkun is the MC,

Mikkun is MCing. He’s so lively. That’s what impresses me.

“He was happily running the show until the end.

Many fans were delighted to see Kitayama’s energetic appearance. The reason for this is that,

Since around last fall, Kitayama had been in discussions with the members and the office about leaving the group, and since that time, fans had been concerned about his apparent lack of energy on the group’s flagship programs, “Kiss My Super BUSAIKU? Rumors were even spreading that the reason for this was that the members were distancing themselves from him. (TV Asahi), there were even rumors spreading that the members were distancing themselves from her.

The staff of the program at the time also commented on the situation.

During breaks between shoots, I have witnessed countless times that Kitayama-kun was the only one who went back to the waiting room, while the other six stayed in the studio and looked like they were having fun. He and Taisuke Fujigaya, who is a “symmetric” (a Johnny’s term for two people who stand in symmetrical positions), are called “Fujikita” and collaborate on many songs, but Fujigaya is closer to Wataru Yokoo than he is to Kitayama. And they were close to each other.

When the photographer asked Fujigaya to take a two-shot with Kitayama, there seemed to be a delicate distance between them. Fujigaya was always in close contact with his best friend, Yokoo. ……

Yokoo announced his marriage in January of this year. Yokoo became the first member to get married, but this caught the attention of the janitorial staff. A senior executive at an entertainment agency recalls, “Yokoo’s marriage may have been the cause of Kitayama’s isolation. What does this mean?

Yokoo has been saying ‘I want to quit’ since before his debut, and Fujigaya has been stopping him from doing so. Fans know this very well. He got a girlfriend and got married in no time. Naturally, fans flooded social media with comments like, “If you’re going to quit, now is the time to do it,” and “Why doesn’t Yokoo quit?” and “Why doesn’t Yokoo quit?

Yokoo was floating among the members, and Fujigaya snuggled up to him, which created a distance between the two of them and the other members. It seems that Kitayama had decided to leave the group by then, but as the elder member, he intended to lead the group to the end. However, ‘it seemed that Kitayama’s feelings completely snapped at that timing,’ said a person close to him.”

Apparently, Kitayama himself began to distance himself from the members, but from the fans’ point of view, it may have seemed the opposite.

Two days before Kitayama left the former Johnny’s office, he appeared on “Odoru! Sanma Goten! (Nippon Television Network) two days before he left the former Johnny’s office.

(Nippon Television). “Kitayama’s fans were especially upset about this. They were especially upset about this, especially Kitayama’s fans. Many of them said, ‘It would have been unthinkable if we were in the old office. On the other hand, many fans were pleased to see Kitayama sitting in the center of the front row with a smile on his face, which was unimaginable in the past year, and to hear Sanma-san calling him ‘Kitayama, Kitayama’ and laughing with him.

When the topic of conversation turned to “royalties,” Sanma repeatedly said, “I’ll write the lyrics, so sing, Kitayama! When the topic turned to “royalties,” Sanma repeatedly said, “I’ll write the lyrics, so sing it, Kitayama!

The reception that day was so good that people are saying, ‘There will be another one. Kitayama has been showing consideration for the younger members of the group by keeping quiet or withdrawing himself in order to enliven them, but he may have realized that he can do so much more freely if he performs alone.

From now on, she is likely to be invited to more variety shows as a solo performer, and we can expect to see her smiling with even more vigor.

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