A voice sadly said, “He had a girlfriend…” “Diane” Yusuke was actually a popular guy! The Surprising Secret of His Popularity with Women | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A voice sadly said, “He had a girlfriend…” “Diane” Yusuke was actually a popular guy! The Surprising Secret of His Popularity with Women

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Yusuke (left) and Atsuhiro Tsuda (right) of the comedy duo Diane. Yusuke changed his stage name “Nishizawa” to his current name as part of a program project in 2007 (PHOTO: Kyodo News).

The popular comedy duo “Diane” has been a finalist in the “M-1 Grand Prix” for two consecutive years in 2007 and 2008, and is now rarely seen on TV. While Atsuhiro Tsuda is often talked about in the “Detective Tsuda” series on “Wednesday’s Downtown,” Yusuke is often mentioned as “not popular with the ladies” these days.

Yusuke has been nicknamed “Mabu (eyelid)” after a woman he met at a party teased him about his thick eyelids, and he has been ranked in the Yoshimoto “ugly” rankings.

In fact, Yusuke enjoys the ardent support of some female fans. His “sexy voice” and “poker face” are especially popular among female fans. Indeed, his low-pitched voice that looks good on the radio and his calm expression, which is not unlike a comedian’s, can be described as mysterious and sexy.

When she appeared on “Sanma’s Comedy Improvement Committee” (Fuji Television), fellow comedians teased her, saying that she was “running away from ugly girls” and that she should “use more ugly girls. At the time, some fans on the Internet were angry at Yusuke, saying that he was cool and that they treated him like an ugly guy.

Yusuke got married in 2009, but in 2008, before his marriage, it became a topic of conversation that she had been caught on YouTube during a live broadcast. That was the first time Diane tried to live-deliver, and she had trouble with double audio. Her partner Tsuda advised her to turn off the audio, but Yusuke did not know how to turn it off and was stumped. At that moment, someone’s hand reached out from the side and operated the button, solving the problem.

The story became a big topic of conversation in some quarters, with female fans saying, “Yusuke, you had a girlfriend…,” and “Yusuke’s girlfriend’s hand seems to be on the screen. There were many heartbreaking comments on the Internet from female fans, such as “Mr. Yusuke, he had a girlfriend…” and “It seems that Mr. Yusuke’s girlfriend’s hand is in the picture.

If this is really her hand, it is probably his wife. Yusuke revealed on the program that he met his wife through DMs on Instagram. His wife sent him a DM, but according to Yusuke, “She was not a fan. He said, “It was not a fan, but on the contrary, an adversary. I can’t say for sure because it may have been a joke, but if he was really able to date an antagonistic woman, then Yusuke’s romantic abilities must be quite impressive.

He also seems to be into manly hobbies, uploading videos of him camping alone on his personal YouTube channel, “Yusuke’s Specialized Channel. Despite the fact that the camping video has received more than 400 comments, it has attracted many fans, with almost no critical comments, saying that it is “nothing but healing” and “just cool.

The black Land Cruiser, which appeared in the same video as Yusuke’s favorite car, was also talked about as cool. Yusuke actually has a good sense of style. We will keep an eye on Diane to see if we will be able to see a new side to her in the future, and to pay attention to Yusuke’s sexiness as well.

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