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Why “making it to the third round of the M-1 Grand Prix” is considered a sign of a top comedian

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Two members of Westland, champions of the “M-1 Grand Prix 2022” PHOTO: Takero Shigumura

The “M-1 Grand Prix” has become a year-end tradition. This competition, which determines the funniest manzai performer, has become a gateway to success for comedians, and the number of contestants this year has reached 8,540, the highest number in history.

It may be difficult for the general public to be interested in the “losers” who are not broadcast on TV. However, the contestants started the first round in August. They are competing for their lives at a stage that is difficult to attract public attention because there are no TV broadcasts.

Only comedians who have been eliminated from the semifinals and above are eligible to participate in the loser’s revival round and appear on TV broadcasts. Therefore, “eliminated from the third round” may not seem like a great feat, but in fact, quite a number of well-known comedians have been eliminated one after another.

In this year’s M-1, famous comedians from the seventh generation, such as Yonchitoushin, Miyashita Kusanagi, and Frogtei, were eliminated from the competition. The number of contestants has increased by 1,279 pairs compared to the previous year. This year, 123 pairs made it through to the third round, and only about 69 times as many were able to advance to the quarterfinals, which is a narrow margin. It has long been said that the third round is one of the barriers to M-1, but considering the increase in the number of contestants, it has become an even more formidable barrier.

This year, Onigoe Tomahawk and Timondi, who are active on variety shows, and the Tosa Brothers, who are popular on social networking sites, were eliminated in the third round.

On social networking sites, people were shocked at the high level of the “M-1 Grand Prix” in which talented comedians were eliminated in the third round, such as “I was shocked to see even such a funny comedian get eliminated ……” and “I was shocked to see even a talented duo like Frog Tei get eliminated, The number of comments were filled with astonishment at the high level of the “M-1 Grand Prix,” in which talented contestants were eliminated so early.

The semi-finals and later rounds, which are broadcast on TV, naturally attract the most attention, but from the third round onward, only the most talented comedians and talented newcomers are allowed to compete. You can watch the preliminary rounds on YouTube now, and all of the contestants in the third round have done well-crafted material.

Momo,” who has been a finalist before, has not been able to make it past the third round since reaching the final in 2009. Furthermore, Korokoro Chiki Chiki Peppers, who have won the King of Conte, have also been repeatedly held back by the third-round barrier.

Koji Imada has revealed that Shinsuke Shimada, who founded the “M-1 Grand Prix,” set an age limit in the sense that “those who cannot make it to the third round should choose a different career. Furthermore, the number of entries to the M-1 Grand Prix has increased nearly six-fold since its inception. In other words, only a handful of people make it to the third round, and now it can be said that entry into the third round is “proof of ability.

The bar for the “M-1 Grand Prix” continues to rise year after year. Which comedian will win this year?

  • PHOTO Takero Yuzushi

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