A female employee gropes a customer’s lower body over her paper pants… Former J-League player who ran an illegal esthetic salon “disobeyed his fans” and fell in love with them. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A female employee gropes a customer’s lower body over her paper pants… Former J-League player who ran an illegal esthetic salon “disobeyed his fans” and fell in love with them.

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Tachibana at the press conference for joining “Shimizu S-Pulse” (center of back row in photo)

Ten years have passed since his retirement. A former J-League player with a spectacular career was passionately involved in running an illegal men’s esthetic salon.

On November 28, Akito Tachibana, 35, owner of the men’s esthetic salon “Moon Spa,” was arrested by the Hyogo Prefectural Police on suspicion of violating the Entertainment Establishments Control Law. On October 4, Tachibana is suspected of providing sexual services, such as having a female employee massage a male customer’s lower body through his underwear, in a room of an apartment in a prohibited business zone in Kakogawa, the same prefecture. In August of this year, a person involved with the condominium consulted with the Kakogawa Police Department, saying, ” There is a room full of young men and women coming and going, so they may be engaged in adult entertainment, ” and an investigation was underway.

The esthetic salon that was busted had about 10 therapists and was offering services for 10,000 yen for 60 minutes. At the store, the therapists, dressed in negligee-like clothing, gently massaged the genitals over paper pants. Tachibana rented rooms in several apartments and apparently moved her store from one location to another to avoid being caught.

In response to the police investigation, Tachibana stated, “I told my employees that sexual services were absolutely prohibited. Such a suspect Tachibana was once a local star to be reckoned with.

The local star, however, failed to make a splash in the professional world. (Photo from the official website of the Shimizu S-Pulse.

Tachibana, who was a soccer boy, was very active from elementary and junior high school, and went on to Takigawa Daini High School, a prestigious high school. At that time, there were great players in the school: former Japan national team player Yasuhito Morishima (36) was one grade above Tachibana, and Shinji Okazaki (37) and Yu Kijima (37) were two grades above him. He is known for his highly accurate kicking and skillful dribbling, and in 2006 he contributed to the winning of the All-Japan Youth Championship as the leader of the team. Local people expected him to have a promising future,” said an acquaintance of Tachibana.

After graduating from high school, he went on to Osaka Sangyo University and joined the professional soccer team “Shimizu S-Pulse” in 2011. Although he made his professional debut in response to the expectations of his hometown, his subsequent results were not promising.

He left the “Shimizu S-Pulse” after only two years. He played only three league games and scored no goals. No matter how active he was in high school, it was difficult for him to make a name for himself as a professional player. Since he could not make it as a professional player, he must have had a hard time making a name for himself financially.

Did Tachibana’s financial difficulties lead him into the illegal business of running a men’s esthetic salon? What was supposed to be a triumphant return to his hometown has turned out to be the exact opposite.

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