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Will “X be back in Kohaku”? The decisive reason why YOSHIKI and Toshl no longer stand on the same stage.

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At the event in ’13. From left to right: PATA, HEATH, YOSHIKI, Toshl, SUGIZO (Photo/Jiji)

A farewell party was held in Tokyo on November 28 for “X JAPAN” (“X”) bassist HEATH (55 years old), who died of colon cancer on October 29.

About 10,000 people attended the flower offering by fans, which started at noon and lasted for about 9 hours, and mourned for HEATH. Afterwards, YOSHIKI (age undisclosed), the leader of the group, played X’s famous song “ENDLESS RAIN” on the piano as a tribute to the deceased.

On the following day, the 29th, YOSHIKI attended the new product launch of his first champagne brand “Y by YOSHIKI x CHAMPAGNE POMMERY”. When asked by the press about the possibility of his participation in the 74th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen (Red and White Singing Contest) on New Year’s Eve, he silently put his hand over his mouth in a gesture. While the audience laughed, he said, ” There is a high possibility that I will be in Japan (on New Year’s Eve),” adding, “I will not participate in the farewell party.

He did not attend the farewell party.

The last time X JAPAN appeared in Kohaku was in 2005. After the live performance at Makuhari Messe in Chiba at the end of September 2006, X Japan went on hiatus. However, YOSHIKI has participated in the Kohaku in various ways since ’18.

Among the members of “X,” YOSHIKI had a good relationship with guitarist SUGIZO. PATA, who is said to have been in a forfeited relationship for a while, made a guest appearance at the November 23 Tokyo concert of “THE LAST ROCKSTARS,” a super band led by YOSHIKI, and attended HEATH’s farewell party, which led some to expect the return of “X” after six years at Kohaku… ……” (music industry insider)

On the day of the farewell party, Toshl uploaded a song titled “Sayonara” on his blog. The lyrics expressed his regret at having to say goodbye to HEATH and his condolences to Toshl. Toshl, who overcame the “brainwashing scandal” and made a complete comeback as “X” to the delight of his fans, has been refusing to stand on the same stage with YOSHIKI for some time.

“Since the ’07 reunion, the contract was that the proceeds of ‘X’ would go to YOSHIKI’s company once, and from there would be distributed to the other members.” All members except Toshl agreed to the contract after October 2006.

However, Toshl, a childhood friend of YOSHIKI and the only member who could speak out clearly, complained that the fee was too small. However, YOSHIKI refused to budge. Thereafter, the negotiations were completely deadlocked, and for a time, PATA was also leaning toward Toshl.

In the midst of such a deteriorating relationship with YOSHIKI, Toshl deleted all “X” related posts from his Instagram in ’20. Furthermore, Toshl formed a new unit and performed a song called “Shout SAKEBE” on TV in January of this year. The content of the song was as if he was venting his anger toward YOSHIKI. Because of that song, it is said that their relationship can no longer be repaired,” said a source from the record company.

Nevertheless, on July 28 of this year, “X” released a new song, “Angel,” their first new song in eight years since “Born to Be Free. However, this song was performed at X’s Yokohama Arena concert on December 1, 2003, and the sound source had already been completed. This was quite a rare occurrence, and it showed that YOSHIKI himself was still “without a vocalist” as usual.

However, the passing of HEATH, who was a close ally of the band members, is likely to affect their relationship in more than a small way, and some are wondering if a reunion of “X” could be realized if the memorial performance was held for a large audience at the special NHK Kohaku (Red and White) event.

Toshl would not want to stand on the same stage as YOSHIKI if money was involved. However, if it is a memorial to HEATH and no money is involved, Toshl, who has feelings for HEATH, may agree to the idea. Of course, it would have to be a one-night-only event. If they miss this opportunity, they may never perform on the same stage again.

It may be a small chance, but many people are waiting for the reunion of “X”.

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YOSHIKI is escorted out of the studio by a large number of staff members and emerges from the studio (November ’17).
YOSHIKI was arrested in Los Angeles in 1994 for drunk driving and was given a traffic school course as punishment.
Shizuka Kudo, with whom he was rumored to be in a relationship
  • PHOTO Ippei Hara, Hiroshi Ito

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