I like people with punch perms”…Former boyfriend of dead 18-year-old woman “beat his wife and broke her bones” Shivering family troubles | FRIDAY DIGITAL

I like people with punch perms”…Former boyfriend of dead 18-year-old woman “beat his wife and broke her bones” Shivering family troubles

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Background image of Atsumi suspect’s LINE profile. According to relatives, water biking was a common hobby of the Hori suspect.

Why was an 18-year-old woman deprived of her life and abandoned in the mountains?

On November 27, Yurika Nomoto, then 18, an office worker in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo, was found dead in a mountain forest in Kosuge Village, Yamanashi, near Okutama. The day after the body was found, the Metropolitan Police Department arrested Toshiya Hori, 30, a company employee in Yachiyo City (Chiba Prefecture), and on December 1, Ryoma Atsumi, 31, Nomoto’s boyfriend, who lives in Edogawa Ward, were both arrested on suspicion of abandoning the body.

Ms. Nomoto had been missing since June 7, and an investigation was launched after a missing persons report was filed on November 4. The suspect, Hori, admitted to the police that he dumped the body and stated that he carried the body together with the suspect (Atsumi). Atsumi also admitted to the charge, but the cause of Nomoto’s death is still unknown. Atsumi and Hori were classmates in high school.

Two years ago, he married an older woman he met at a tavern. However, they have been living separately for about a year, and his wife has returned to her hometown in Kyushu.

He met Ms. Nomoto around April when Atsumi approached her on the street, and they seemed to hit it off; in early May, Atsumi revealed to his relatives that he had started dating Ms. Nomoto. At that time, he also boasted to his relatives that “(Ms. Nomoto) told me that she likes people with a punch perm.

The mama of a karaoke snack bar frequented by Atsumi reveals to this magazine how the two were before the crime.

She said, “Ryoma and Hori came to the restaurant together on two occasions. Ryoma has been coming two to three times a week for the past two years. He introduced Hori as ‘a business associate of mine,’ and the two appeared to be quite close.

Ryoma has a strong sense of justice. Once, I warned him about a customer who was drunk and pestering a woman in a restaurant. The customer who had been warned by Ryoma got heated and said, “Get out in the open! and Ryoma responded, and a fight ensued.

Atsumi was a popular suspect at the snack bar, but on the other hand, he was sloppy with money. A relative of the suspect revealed, “I told Ryoama that I was going to give him a parking space.

I was renting a parking lot to Ryoma, and he was always late in paying the rent. Ryoma worked as a plumber. Since he is like a one-person household, he does not have a fixed monthly income.

When he worked a certain amount of work and saved up money, he would go around every day, and when he ran out of money, he would work again. Ryoma contacted me on June 16 to say, ‘I will pay for the parking lot,’ but I didn’t come to pay. After the 17th, I couldn’t get in touch with him, so I thought something had happened to him. ……”

In addition, Atsumi had a violent incident in the past in which a family member was seriously injured. A friend of Atsumi’s reveals.

He once broke a bone when he and his wife got into a fistfight. His wife is a strong-willed person, so she fought back, but it is only natural that she would get hurt if she was hit by a man like Ryoma.

It seems that once his anger ignited, he had a tendency to lash out no matter who the opponent was.

There was a time when he set a picture of himself and Ms. Nomoto cheek to cheek as his LINE profile picture. It seems that he frequently brought Ms. Nomoto into his home as well. The police authorities are investigating the possibility that there was trouble between the two over their relationship, which may have had something to do with the cause of Ms. Nomoto’s death,” said a reporter from the society department of a national newspaper.

Did the Atsumi suspect’s selfish feelings turn against Ms. Nomoto?

Suspect Atsumi returns to the Wangan Police Station of the Metropolitan Police Department after completing an interrogation. His involvement in the murder of Ms. Nomoto is unknown.
Suspect Hori (center photo), who had little to do with the neighborhood. He was taken into custody as he was leaving his home on the 28th of last month.
From Ms. Nomoto’s Instagram. After graduating from high school in Tokyo, she began working as a caregiver for the elderly in her hometown of Edogawa Ward.

From the December 22, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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