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Former Host of a Corrupt Host Club Tells of Organized Criminal Methods to Frame Girls

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Mai Watanabe, a.k.a. “Takaragi,” is a defendant who made a man pay a huge sum of money of 300 million yen. She is also a “victim” of paying tribute to hosts. (from her official YouTube channel)

In recent years, the number of cases in which women are forced into prostitution by their hostesses, who then take on a large amount of debt, has rapidly increased and become a social problem. On the other hand, there are those who say that these women deserve what they get because they go to host clubs on their own. In the midst of this situation, the reality of an organized scheme to frame young women into becoming hosts has come to light.


Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on the string of host troubles,

“The government will work closely with the relevant ministries and agencies to take firm measures to deal with the situation.” However, female customers addicted to hostesses (so-called “hos-kos”) are heard to say that they want to be left alone and that they want to promote themselves by selling their services. The fact that the hostesses themselves do not seek redress is one of the reasons for the depth of the problem. The cause,

“They don’t feel that they are being set up by their hosts. Some girls even say, ‘I’m willing to fall to the ground for the sake of the host I’m guessing,’ In other words, they have been brainwashed.”

Why do women fall in love with hosts in the first place? A well-informed person in Kabukicho said, 

“The target is girls between the ages of 18 and early 20s. There are individual hosts, but there are also organized establishments that set them up with hosts and force them to become prostitutes.”

He adds, “The law was amended last year to raise the age of adulthood. Since the law was amended last year to lower the age of adulthood from 20 to 18, the number of young women being victimized has skyrocketed. One former host who worked at a so-called “corrupt host club” said, “The target is young girls, and they are often involved in sex-related activities,””

“If a girl is skipped, there is nothing they can do, so they tell her to introduce another girl by saying, ‘If you bring a friend, you don’t have to pay this month’s sales’. That’s how they look for girls who can make more money, like a vat of potatoes.”

The goal is to get women to become prostitutes, so to speak, and they network with other women. He also has a manual for setting up women as hosts and turning them into hosiery freaks,

“Once a woman has been turned into a hosiery fiend, she can collect her earnings by introducing her to a brothel owned by a friend of hers or by having her work at a prostitution club overseas,” said a former host.

The system has been systematized. In fact, in the Okubo Park area, there are many young women waiting for customers for prostitution.

“The market price starts at 15,000 yen for 30 minutes. The number of young girls is increasing, and when a new girl comes along, the customers fight over her. If there is a problem with a customer, we sometimes have to leave. We need money to solve the problem, but we have no choice.” (former host).

They are using every possible means to extort money from the women. A Kabukicho insider said,


“Women continue to work in the sex industry for the sake of the host. She thinks it is for her boyfriend, so she does not sue him. Parents want their daughters to somehow quit the sex industry and pay them. For parents who do not pay, the hosts drive a black Mercedes Benz to the parents’ house to collect the money. Sometimes they threaten to tell everyone around them about their daughter’s current situation.”

“Then, almost 100 percent of the time, the parents are forced to pay. Few parents run to the police. So the parents go bankrupt, but the daughters do not quit going to the host. It is just like the religious problem in that they brainwash women and even strip their parents naked and force them into bankruptcy, and the corrupt managers have even studied such worlds.”


Late last month, Yasuhiro Hiroki, director general of the National Police Agency, visited Kabukicho,

“We will continue to strengthen our crackdown based on the law and evidence,” he said.

The reason behind the unusual visit by the head of the National Police Agency,

“It seems that the top official of the National Police Agency is concerned about the possibility of the existence of Tokyu (anonymous and mobile criminal groups) behind the malicious hosts,” said a reporter from a national newspaper.

On the 5th, representatives of 13 groups operating host clubs and other businesses attended a meeting at Shinjuku City Hall. They announced that they would abolish accounts receivable from next April.

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