Gravure Scoop: YouTuber “Three Musketeers” With More Than 1.76 Million Subscribers “Drunken Video” Leaked | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Gravure Scoop: YouTuber “Three Musketeers” With More Than 1.76 Million Subscribers “Drunken Video” Leaked

The "wild and drunken party" of three beautiful YouTubers who are causing a commotion. We exclusively obtained a number of shocking shots!

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A certain place in Tokyo, 11:30 p.m.

The table in the center of the room was filled with champagne and room service. The three members of the “Three Musketeers” in disarray, their dresses bare.

A certain day in November. In a room of a luxury hotel in Shibuya Ward, there were beautiful women in their undisguised appearance, stirring up champagne and tequila. They were Marina (31), Arishan (31), and Saorin (30), members of the extremely popular YouTuber group “The Three Musketeers of Hella Hella.

The “Three Musketeers of Hella Hella” is an up-and-coming young YouTuber group. Their “naked” talk between the girls, which is often graphic in nature, and their physical posture, in which they boldly take on extreme surprises, have made them popular and catapulted them to the top of the YouTuber scene since they began their activities in 2006. On the other hand, all members are also known to be heavy drinkers, and they are known to drink a lot in their private time. Some industry insiders say that their heavy drinking and behavior, which could be taken as “bad behavior,” has made some people concerned very cold feet.

The “Three Musketeers of Hella Hella” have recently been attracting attention as models and artists. This summer they made their major label debut with avex, and their first album “HANGOVER,” which is currently on sale, is doing quite well. The three members are flying high right now, but perhaps their brief holiday has made them a bit more carefree.

Marina (31) is the biggest drinker in the group. She is said to have been stirring up the drinks at a very high rate of speed from the beginning of the party.
A defenseless shot of Arishan (31), the talented leader who has led the “Three Musketeers of Hella Hella” to stardom.
The three of them crushed after 2:00 a.m. (Left) Saorin, (upper right) Arishan, (lower right) Marina

What exactly happened to the most popular and beautiful YouTuber group of the moment?
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