Why Erika Karada’s “Japan/Korea dual-location life” seems to be finally “in love mode for the first time in 4 years” in a very short time | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why Erika Karada’s “Japan/Korea dual-location life” seems to be finally “in love mode for the first time in 4 years” in a very short time

Erika Karada is back from her affair with Masahiro Higashide to become an "international actress.

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Karada is on Her activities at two bases in Japan and Korea are a secret plan for a “big turnaround”

Four years after her affair with Masahiro Higashide that was revealed in January 2020, actress Erika Karada (26) has announced that she will be living in two locations, in Japan and Korea, starting next year. She will be living in a place where she is not associated with the scandal, and she will be working in Korean productions, which are attracting worldwide attention, and there seems to be a scenario in which she will make a full-fledged comeback as an “international actress” 

“In an interview with the November 21 issue of “Sports Hochi,” Karada revealed that from next year she will be based in Japan and Korea and will develop her entertainment activities in both countries. Karada, who says she loves Korean movies and TV dramas, explained in the same article that the reason for living in two locations is “I want to study the plays of Korean actors. I want to pursue acting more.” She is quite positive about her ambitions.”

Karada has always had deep ties with Korea. She has been a big fan of K-pop since her childhood and has a strong desire for Korean films. Since 2014, she has also been a member of BH Entertainment, a Korean entertainment agency that also owns Lee Byung Hun and others, and has appeared in smartphone commercials for the Korean company LG Electronics, music videos for local artists, and Korean dramas, and has also built up a solid track record.

“In fact, Karada had her sights set on Korea even before the affair. In an interview with Bunshun Online in May 2018, she revealed that she had begun learning Korean with a Korean tutor, and is now a hard worker who has improved to the point where she can even speak Korean in daily conversation.”

“Karada’s translucent beauty seems to be a look that is well-liked locally, and some say that there is a good chance that she will break through as a Japanese “Hallyu” actress. Korean movies and TV dramas have been gaining popularity in many countries in recent years for their quality, and there are high expectations that she will quickly rise to a global presence.”


Karada had a reputation for her acting ability. The movie “Sleep or Awake,” in which she played the heroine, was released in September 2018, was entered in competition at the Cannes International Film Festival, and won the prestigious Yamaji Fumiko Film Award for Best New Actress, which brought her into the limelight.

Coincidentally, her affair with Higashide, with whom she co-starred in this “breakthrough” film, was revealed a year and a few months after the film’s release, and she was forced to take a leave of absence from acting, but she is now well on her way to a successful comeback.

“She resumed her acting career with a short distribution film in September 2021, starred in the film “Nouhou, Nagare” released in November of the same year, and made her first public appearance in a while with a stage greeting. She also starred in the movie “Asa ga kuru wa muna nai naru,” which was released on December 1 this year, and is steadily climbing the stairs to a fresh start.”

“Next year, Netflix’s drama “Gokuakuju JoOu,” about the villainous pro wrestler Dump Matsumoto from the ’80s, will be distributed worldwide. She plays Chigusa Nagayo, Dump’s rival in the “Crash Gals,” who created the women’s professional wrestling boom, and in July of this year, Shukan Bunshun reported that she had cut her hair to match the “hair cut match” scene and that she had gained over 10 kg for the role. If such professionalism can be conveyed to the rest of the world, it would be a great honor for her.”


Since she is in her mid-twenties, the question of her “next love” is of great interest to us.

“However, the “next love” is a question that is on her mind since she is in her mid-twenties. However, in Korea, it is different. As few people are likely to look at Karada with the image of an adulteress, I suspect that we will hear about happy love affairs as soon as possible after she starts her activities in Korea.”

“Karada’s Korean language skills, outstanding looks, and friendly personality should make her popular with local men, and Karada herself is a fan of Korean celebrities. Perhaps she is living in two locations with this kind of “personal life” in mind.”


A lot has happened in the past four years. If she joins the ranks of international actresses, it is expected that her domestic work will increase as a result of the synergistic effect. Next year, she may be able to make a quick “comeback” in both her acting and private life.

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Karada in September ’20, when she was still refraining from activities. Her hair, which had been long, was cut short.
When Interviewed directly by this magazine. At the time, there were whispers that she might retire (September 2020).
On location for “Queen of Evil”. It was reported that she had gained more than 10 kg for the role (July 2022).
At the launch of “Queen of Evil”. She still looks a little plump, perhaps still under the influence of the weight gain (July 2023).
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