Singer Kris Wu Sentenced to 13 Years in Prison After Commiting Sexual Assault Towards Drunk Woman | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Singer Kris Wu Sentenced to 13 Years in Prison After Commiting Sexual Assault Towards Drunk Woman

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Chris sentenced to 13 years in prison for assaulting a woman. Photo taken in August 2018.

“Chris was sentenced to 13 years in prison for assaulting women in a drunken state, which constitutes rape. There is plenty of evidence to prove it.”

The judge ruled against the man at his sentencing hearing at the Third Intermediate People’s Court in Beijing, China, on November 24. The appeal was dismissed.


The defendant is a popular Chinese-Canadian singer with many fans at home and abroad. Chris (33, Woo Yi-hwan) is a former member of the Korean male group EXO. Chris is accused of raping and indecently assaulting several women by getting them drunk and committing indecent acts. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

“The court ordered Chris to be deported after serving his sentence. He will probably be deported to Canada, where he is a citizen. In Canada, we use a scientific method of castration for perpetrators of sex crimes. It should be enforced against Chris as well.”

FRIDAY Digital reported in detail on the sexual assault case in which Chris was convicted in an article distributed on July 23, 2021. We would like to recount the unforgivable modus operandi and the details of the damage.

Fifty million followers.


“I wanted to refuse the request and leave, but my manager threatened to ban me from the entertainment industry. There are more than 30 women, including minors like me, who have been sexually assaulted while intoxicated.”

On July 18, 2021, a shocking accusation was posted on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter. The statement was uploaded by Ms. A (18 at the time), who dreamed of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, and who claimed that she had been sexually assaulted by Chris.

“Chris was also an actor at the time. He signed a contract with a major Korean entertainment agency and made his debut as a member of “EXO” in April 2012. He returned to China in May 2014 when he and his agency were involved in a lawsuit regarding an exclusive contract.”

“He is one of the most notable artists in Asia, having won the Best New Actor Award at the London International Chinese Language Film Festival and the Best Actor Award at the Tokyo Chinese Film Week Gold Crane Awards. He has more than 50 million followers on Weibo,” said a writer familiar with Asian entertainment.

In her letter of accusation, Ms. A wrote the following:

“Chris invites women to casting meetings and fan meetings, usually late at night. When he meets with them, he makes them drink alcohol and forces them to have sexual relations with him. Chris has never used contraception, and has never followed through on his promises to support me and other women in the entertainment industry.”

“When we had sexual relations, Chris transferred 500,000 yuan (about 8.5 million yen) in several installments to keep my mouth shut. We are now in the process of getting the money back. The number of women who have been victimized exceeds seven minors alone. I hope I am the last victim, and I want to fight fair and square.”

The day after Ms. A made her accusation (July 19), Chris quickly responded. On his social networking service, he took a hard-line stance.

“I met this woman (Ms. A) once in December 2020 at a gathering with my friends. I did not offer her alcohol. I have never behaved in a way that would cause a problem in my life. I can take full responsibility for everything I say and do.”


But the furor has not died down.

“A video has circulated on the Internet showing a man, allegedly Chris, performing indecent acts with women at a club. Companies that have used him as their image model have cancelled their contracts with him one after another. Cosmetics brand Lancome and confectionary maker Ryohinpoko have withdrawn advertisements featuring Chris. In May 2021, the Chinese TV station CCTV removed a billboard advertising Chris’s new song.”

Chris, who took advantage of his immense popularity to commit crimes, will have to face up to the mistakes he made during his 13-year prison sentence.

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