“He’s trying to get Yoshinobu Yamamoto…!” Nozomi Honda, a “sex-pushing” actress, has caused a stir among the janitors with her “criminal record as a child actor.” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

“He’s trying to get Yoshinobu Yamamoto…!” Nozomi Honda, a “sex-pushing” actress, has caused a stir among the janitors with her “criminal record as a child actor.”

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Mochiyui Honda in the semifinals of the National High School Soccer Championship in ’22

Mochiyui Honda (19) has been buzzing on SNS recently.

By November 29, she updated her Instagram. She showed a black jacket and open-chested décolleté. Her followers responded, “Her sexiness is amazing,” and “Her skin is beautiful and cute.

On the other hand, negative comments on social networking news sites were also seen, such as, “She’s too sexy,” and “She’s pushing her sex appeal too hard, and to be honest, I’m a little bit turned off.

Honda has been active as a child actress since her days as a child actress, but since her coming of age in June 2010, she has changed her image from that of a child actress to that of an “adult woman”. While many people are cheering her on, I also feel that her “sex appeal” has become too noticeable. While many are cheering her on, her “sex appeal” is too prominent, and women of her generation seem to have a strong impression of her as “bland,” and she is not well supported by them.

One of the reasons for this may be the promotion of Orix pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto (25), who is expected to be transferred to the MLB by the end of December. Yamamoto is now second only to Shohei Ohtani (29) as Japan’s world-class active baseball player, but when his name is searched, the name “Mochiyui Honda” appears in several media.

Honda is known to be Yamamoto’s “gaga fan. It all started when she was 13 years old and appeared as an assistant on “Koyaburu SPORTS” (Kansai Television). In June 2008, the program aired an interview with Yamamoto, and the two appeared together in the studio. Honda was ‘shot through the heart.

Since then, she has been muttering on SNS, ‘I’m in love with Yoshinobu Yamamoto,’ and commenting on Yamamoto’s Instagram with 72 heart marks, ‘I love you,’ which seems to have drawn the attention of Yamamoto fans, both male and female. Ms. Honda is an actress, but she is also an athlete who has won competitions as a figure skater. I hear that even the employees of the sports bureau are unable to pay attention to Ms. Honda.

As a result, her “love” comments escalated. After he started living alone, he revealed the existence of a room where related goods are displayed, saying, “There is a room that only Yamamoto can enter. According to him,

“Because I want to lock in my body odor.”

At the “SMBC Japan Series 2023” on October 29, he reported from the first base bench during TV Tokyo’s terrestrial broadcast, causing an uproar on the Internet with comments such as, “Don’t let Honda near Yamamoto! The Internet was abuzz with such comments as “Don’t let Honda near Yamamoto!

At only 7 years old, what was the event that made the janitorial community buzz? ……

The first time I saw Honda was when he was a child actor,” said one of the girls, “but now people say he’s ‘sexy’ and ‘innocent. In fact, he once came under fire from janiota.

This is according to a writer for an idol magazine who interviewed Honda when he was 7 years old.

Honda’s name and face became nationally known when she appeared in the October 2011 season of “Mita, the Housekeeper” (NTV), starring Nanako Matsushima (50), as Hiroki Hasegawa’s (46) second daughter,

In “The Housekeeper,” Nozomu said she “cried naturally,” and as a child prodigy along with Aina Ashida (19), she eclipsed Matsushima, who played the lead role. In addition, the 7-year-old Mochiyui had the “shrewdness” of declaring in her promotional materials, “The actress I admire is Nanako Matsushima.

She was strangely mature even as a child actor. Before appearing in “Housekeeper,” Honda had actually appeared in the first episode of “Bishonen desu” (TBS), a drama series starring Yuta Tamamori (33) and Taisuke Fujigaya (36) of “Kis-My-Ft2” that same year.

I remember meeting Honda for an interview for an idol magazine, and he was excited with his mother, saying, ‘Fujigaya-san was so kind.’ After that, Fujigaya said, ‘Nozomu, my mom, and I went out to eat together,'” she told me on a telephone call on “Laugh It Up! (Fuji Television Network).

Fujigaya apparently thought that since he was a child actor and his mother was with him, there would be no problem, but female fans screamed, “How does he know her contact information? Janiota seemed to feel at the time that she was dangerous for the future.

When Honda appeared on “Sakurai Ariyoshi The Night Party” (TBS) in January of this year, actor Osamu Mukai (41), with whom she had worked together as a child actress, sent her a message,

The way you look at me and the way you look at me. I feel like you can see it in her little gestures. I think it’s in the way she looks at you and the way she looks at you.

Suzuki Fuku (19), who has known Honda for 15 years as a child actor, also sent a message,

She has been good at being liked by adults since she was a little girl. She has been good at being liked by adults since she was a little girl, and that kind of cheeky quality of hers has blossomed once again.

I feel her femininity, her “woman, poof! I can feel her femininity, her “woman, poof!

I can feel her femininity, her ‘womanliness,’ her ‘poof! In response, she said, “I’m so happy!

I’m glad! I’ve known you for about 15 years. ……

Honda looked back on those days and casually dodged Suzuki’s sarcasm, saying, “I’m so glad! No matter how “mocking” she may be called, she is sure to continue to pursue her “sexy” path, and we look forward to seeing what she has in store for us in the future.

His own Instagram (from @miyu_honda_official)
Her own Instagram (from @miyu_honda_official)
Her own Instagram (from @miyu_honda_official)
Mochiyu Honda and Shioli Kutsuna during their appearance in “Mita-san, the Housekeeper. Their Instagram (from @miyu_honda_official)
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